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Baiguo means hundred of fruits in Mandarin. The Baiguoshan is part of the Paku Mountain known for rich variety of fruit trees. It was a Japanese temple back in the Japanese colonial period. Now, it’s organized into many fruit farms and thus the name Baiguo.

Baiguoshan includes the water spring area, playground, Kuantien Temple and Kuankuo Fruit Garden. Baiguoshan has the longest slide in Taiwan, 75 meters divided into three tracks, very popluar among kids. Other than that, there is also a campsite fit for a hundred people to camp and enjoy the wilderness. The new playground covers 9 hectares of land. There are hiking trails, barbecue area, and playground with fruit shape facilities. This is an ideal place for recreation and relaxation.

The hiking routes in Baiguoshan are well organized. There are at least three, all hiking through farms, orchards and woods. Hiking along the mountain range with great view of the hills, plains and valleys is a very soothing experience.
Leon Tsai

scenery features:

Baiguoshan provides water spring area, playground with the longest slide in Taiwan and campsite holds up to hundred people. With hiking routes through orchards, farms and woods on the mountain range, Baiguoshan is a great retreat for the weekends.

opening hours:

Contact Number: 04-8347171


By Car
From the Highwayno.1 Yuanlin Interchange
Proceed onto the No 148 County Rd. to Yuanlin.
Proceed along Yuansui Road and you will reach the destination.

By Bus
Take the Yuanlin or Changhua Express Bus bound for Baiguoshan and get off at the Baiguoshan stop

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