Tengjhih National Forest Recreation Area



There are various forests in Thenchee Forest Recreation Area from the altitudes from 500 meters to 1800 meters. Including Chinese firs, maples, Cherry trees and plum trees, the two-leaf pines are the special species differs from others. The virgin forests occupied over 770 hectares, as seasons change, the scenery here are various. This area well preserved its natural beauty and wild life, also a great spot to overview Mt. Jade, Dawu Mountain, and Guan Mountain, the watchtower of Pinuyumayan Mountain is one of the most popular spots.


Drive on your own:
No. 1 National Highway (國道一號) -> exit from Luzhu Interchange (路竹交流道) -> 184 County Road (184線道) -> Qishan (旗山) -> Liugui (六龜) -> Liugui Bridge (六龜大橋) -> make a left turn at the intersection -> Laonong Bridge (荖濃橋) -> drive along Laonong River Forest Way (荖濃溪林道) -> Baoshan (寶山) -> Nishodang Village (二集團村落) -> Tengjhih National Forest Recreation Area (藤枝國家森林遊樂區)

By Bus:
Take Kaohsiung Bus bound from Liugui (六龜) or Jiaxian (甲仙) from Kaohsiung (高雄), Qishan (旗山) or Meinong (美濃) to Liugui stop (六龜站). From there, catch a bus to Tengjhih National Forest Recreation Area (藤枝國家森林遊樂區). Bus is available every 2 hours from 06:30-16:00.

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