Sandimen Craft Village

Sandimen Craft Village is a hillside village within Sandimen, where the local artist and craftsmen gathers to pass on aboriginal culture. Along the hills, the buildings lined up staircase-like, forms an interesting scene. The village is abundant with shops, studios, and museums categorizing from potteries, sculptures, colored glass, and clothes. Each and every artists presents their unique taste and style, demonstrates the character of the Rukai and Pawan tribe. Here lies the true native art of Taiwan.

The buildings in Sandimen Craft Village are very different from traditional Chinese buildings. The locals use the combination of wood and stones, stones for structures and wood with engraving for decorations. Though they now also uses concrete as building materials, but the exterior of most houses still carries out their traditional designs. The engravings, totems, and decorations of every buildings has its’ meaning and story behind. Certain feather and engraving represents the social position, for example, only some decorations are for the chief to use or you are allowed to use few engravings after you are promoted.

Back in the early days, color glass is used in ceremony of marriage or to represent who you are in the tribe. Different color and shape defines different meaning such as courage, noble, love and many more. They are often crafted into bracelet, necklace and accessories. The studios and workshops provides tutorial and actual practice lesson for you to experience this art. So make sure you bring back your masterpiece when you visit Sandimen Craft Village.
Leon Tsai

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Known for traditional crafting, Sandimen Craft Village is a community where the local artist and craftsmen gathers and exchange ideas. The unique design of the Paiwan and Rukai tribe, Sandimen Craft Village presents the finest of native Taiwan art.

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opening hours:

Most Shops and Studios
Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Cultural Park
08:30-16:30 Closed on Monday


By Railway then Bus or Taxi
From Pingtung Railway Station
Take taxi to Sandimen
Estimated Time 40 min
Take Pingtung Bus stop at Sandimen Town Hall

By Car
Highway no.3 Exit on Yanchao
Onto Changzhi intersection
Turn left onto Fuhua St.
Turn right onto Highway no.26
Proceed to Sandimen

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