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Cigu Salt Mountain is one of the tourism landmark in Tainan. The salt mountain once was the largest solar salt field in Taiwan supplying salt for the domestic agriculture and industry. Several generations have passed; solar salt was no longer in demand as before, hence the Cigu Salt Field ceased production in May 2002, and marking the end of 338 years of solar salt history in Taiwan. After giving up the solar salt production, Taiyen Company recreated this place to a unique landscape of Salt Mountain.

Cigu Salt Mountain looks like a snow mountain and up to the top of the white salt mountain peak is approximately six stories tall. Combination of tradition and innovation, Taiyen Company has infused the salt industry’s history, culture and creative concept to present the distinct development of the salt industry. With unique salt theme tourist attractions such as the salt mountain’s main peak, salt sculpture exhibition hall, solar salt experience area, salt house, antique machinery exhibition area, road train and many more. The educational entertainment programs have transformed the park into a well-known touring site among the international and domestic travelers.

scenery features:

Cigu once was the largest solar salt field in Taiwan supplying salt for the domestic agriculture and industry. Taiwan Salt Museum and Cigu Salt Mountain with solar salt theme recreated this place to a unique landscape of Salt Mountain and the museum also provides some educational entertainment programs. Nowadays, it is one of the fun touring attraction in Tainan.

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opening hours:

Open hours: Daily 9:00AM ~ 5:00PM
Weekend 9:00AM~5:30PM
Off day: Last week Monday of each month
Museum Hours extend 30 minutes in July and August and Chinese New Year. Ticket selling stops one hour prior to closing time.
First Monday of every month is closed.

expenditure brief:

Admission and Ticketing
@ NT. 130:Adults
@ NT. 110:Students, elderly, teachers, reporteds, Tainan residents, volunteers, and companion with handicapped.
@ NT. 100:party more than 19
@ NT. 30:Children(>90cm)
@ Free:Children(<90cm) and handicapped.
* Ticket prices are based on notice on the scene.
* Please show IDs on ticket purchasing.
* Group museum tour has to be arranged two days before visiting. The fee is NT. 800 for one tour guide.
Phone: (06) 7800990 Fax: (06) 7800765
The above fees are for reference purposes only; actual costs are informed at the actual venue and we do NOT give any prior notice.

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