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Tainan County borders Chiayi County to its north and connects Tainan City and Kaohsiung County to the south. Situated at the center of the largest plain in southwest Taiwan, “Chianan Plain”, Tainan County is surrounded by hills and sea.

Located in the front area of the Central Range to the east and borders the Taiwan Strait to the west, Tainan County rises high in the east and gets flat in the west. As the ninth largest county in Taiwan, Tainan has a total area of 2,016 kilometers. HSR Tainan Station is one of the 12 THSR stations along the western corridor in Taiwan.

The service pattern of THSR Tainan Station is as the following: Train numbers 2xx: Taipei to Zuoying, stops at Banciao, Taichung, Chiayi, Tainan. As for the class of the compartments on the THSR trains, economy and business class compartments are available aboard each train. The business class is appointed with a more comfortable setting, including larger seating, personal audio entertainment systems, and power outlets for portable electronics at each seat.

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Service Hours: 06:00 – 24:00
Address: No.100, Gueiren Blvd., Gueiren Township, Tainan
TEL: +886-6-600-9000#9

Transfer Information:
  • HSR Tainan Station – Tainan City Government
  • HSR Tainan Station – Tainan Park
  • HSR Tainan Station – Chi Mei Medical Center
To Downtown: Passengers may only board the HSR Shuttle Bus at the HSR Station.
To HSR Tainan Station, passengers may board the bus at any HSR Shuttle Bus stop, but only disembark at HSR Tainan Station.

For more information on Taiwan High Speed Railway transfer information, please visit the official website of Taiwan High Speed Railway.
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opening hours:

Service Hours: 06:00 – 24:00/TEL: +886-6-600-9000#9


By Bus:
Take bus to Tainan Train Station (台南火車站), and take HSR (BRT) shuttle bus(高鐵接駁車) at north bus stop(公車北站).
By Train:
Take train to Tainan Train Station (台南火車站), and change to sub-train line to Salun Train Station (台鐵沙崙站). From there, walk to HSR Tainan Station (台南高鐵站)

Drive on your own:
Sec. 1 Beimen Road Dongmen Ring (北門路一段東門圓環) -> Dongmen Road (東門路) -> Rende Interchange (仁德交流道) -> Rende Zhongshan Road (仁德中山路) -> HSR Tainan Station (高鐵台南站)

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