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Penghu County ─ Guanyin Pavilion Leisure Park
Located next to Penghu Youth Activity Center in southeastern district of Magong city in Penghu, Guanyin Pavilion Leisure Park faces the boundless blue Penghu Bay in the back and boasts rich natural views and the vicinity to various attractions. The Sea area in front of Guanyin Pavilion is a nice place for windsurfing during the winter, which has stronger winds due to the monsoons. It was selected as the site of the International Sailboard Competition (Asian Cup). Near this site, there is also a sailboat training center.

History of Guanyin Pavilion
Built by Syue-kuei in 1696 during the Qing Dynasty, Guanyin Pavilion is recognized as the first Buddhist temple in Penghu where people worship Guanyin Bodhisattva, also kown as the Sea Goddess of Mercy. It is a Class 3 national monument with very simple and solemn style. Guanyin Pavilion was once destroyed by French military forces in 1884, and then rebuilt by Wu Hong-Luo the chief of the Qing Dynasty army in 1891. It was renovated several times during the Japanese colonial period. And the Guancia kiosk was then built. Later Lion’s memorial pavilion was built on the southeastern side of the Guanyin Pavilion. In 1994, the former Penghu Stadium next to Guanyin Pavilion was developed into a children's playground and a sports park.

Xiying Rainbow Bridge
Xiying Rainbow Bridge is an elevated pedestrian walkway located in the bay in front of Guanyin Pavilion Leisure Park. The bridge is lined with a thin neon band that reflects a rainbow onto the water’s surface below at night time. The lights not only create a fascinating atmosphere, they are also visible from far away, giving a fairytale-like mood in the neighborhood. Xiying Rainbow Bridge is also the location displaying fireworks during the Penghu Ocean Fireworks Festival, which makes it even popular and worth a visit.

Four Kiosks by the Sea
On the left side of Guanyin Pavilion are four kiosks known as the four kiosks by the sea. They are Guanciao, Jiesho, Haitun and Huaien kiosks, the best spot for sea view. Each with different feature, where Guanciao kiosk is a perfect spot to view the appealing waves of Taiwan Strait, Jiesho kiosk is ideal for overlooking the sunset view of Hsiyu, Haitun (means dolphin in Chinese) kiosk represents Penghu seaside migrating dolphins, while Huaien kiosk is a memorial of The Late President Chiang Kai-shek.

No.7,Jieshou Road,Magong City,Penghu County,Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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