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Penghu County ─ Xiyu Island
Located on the west side of Penghu archipelago, Xiyu Island is the second large island among the total 64 islands. The island was once called Yuwong Island, which means the fisherman island, with 11 villages and a total area of 18.714 square kilometers. The shape of Xiyu Island is long and narrow, looks like hippocampus. The island is connected to Baisha Island by Penghu Trans-Ocean Bridge in the north side, and the south side across the sea is Magong city.

Xiyu Island was once a military strategic spot, but not anymore nowadays. Many castles, tunnels, forts and other military relics were left on the island, and have become popular tourist attractions. There are many worth visiting attractions with strong cultural customs in Xiyu Island including class one historical monument Xiyu Lighthouse (also known as Yuwongdao Lighthouse), Xiyu Western Fort, Dayi Temple, and museums and exhibition halls like Penghu Living Museum, Traditional Museum, and Intertidal Zone Hall. Make sure you don’t miss the strong cultural customs when visiting the island.

The sunset of Xiyu Island is something one would not want to miss. Since there is no barrier blocking the view of west side of the island, magnificent sunset on the horizon can be seen on Xiyu Island at around 5 to 7 pm depending on the season. Xiyu Sunset Pavilion and Xiyu Lighthouse near Xiamen Island and Whale Cave are also perfect spots for sunset viewing.

,Xiyu Township,Penghu County,Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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