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Penghu County ─ Penghu Aquarium
Penghu Aquarium-
Located in Baisha Township of Penghu, the Penghu aquarium was first setup in 1997 in order for the Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute to study local marine ecology. The aquarium is now home to over 200 species of fish; all living creatures in the aquarium are from the waters within an 800-kms radius of Baisha Township, covering parts of Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea.

The aquarium covers over 2 hectares of land, the main building is surrounded by gardens and sculptures of various marine life including giant statues of dolphins, whales, seahorses, fiddler crabs, lobsters, octopi, and a huge shark’s jaw. The 2-storey building is divided into 3 major sections including a seashore exhibition area, a reef exhibition area and an ocean exhibition area with a hug aquatic tank housing marine species as all three areas feature ecosystems which supports the marine life in and around Penghu area. There’s also a huge underwater tunnel creating a magnificent walkway through the deep ocean in an encased glass.

Reef Section
This is the underwater imperial garden. Delicate corals grow slowly and steadily while tropical fishes swim fast and elegantly. You may feel the rhythm of life everywhere and you know here is your favorite fantasy world of inner space.

Seashore Section
A calm and peaceful beach, bright and colorful shallow, erect and amazing rocky shore; all there different ecosystems contain countless residents near the shore. Every life has its own character; however, they are all relatives in this planet. Come here and learn to live with them in harmony. Try to communicate with sea turtles and maybe you can ask the reason why they always cry on the beach!

Ocean Section
Can you imagine what it would be when under the sea? A huge shadow cruises over your head. It’s an eagle ray! Schooling mackerel escape in a sudden when sharks and pikes are coming near. A grouper with large mouth hides in an obscure corner waiting for victims. Don’t be afraid! Just stand still and watch!
※The description of sections are provided by Penghu Aquarium.

Penghu Travel
Penghu Islands is composed of a series of island and islets, providing a unique natural basalt landscape for you. Except the beautiful natural views, Baisha Township, where the Penghu Aquarium is at, is the must-visit tourist spot for travelers who travel to Penghu. There are several well-known attractions in this township, such as Tongliang Old Banyan Tree, Penghu Bay Bridge, Chih Kan Wharf, and Dachangyu for one to immerse in the local natural environment and cultures.


No.58, Qitou, Baisha Township, Penghu County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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How to go to Penghu Aquarium:
By Plane:
1. Fly directly to Magong, Penghu from Taipei International airport or Kaohsiung International airport on TransAsia or Uni airline, and then transfer to a bus or a rental car/scooter to Penghu Aquarium.

By Ferry:
1. From Kaohsiung Harbor or Chiayi Budai Harbor, catch ferry directly to Magong Harbor, Penghu, and then transfer to a bus or a rental car/scooter to Penghu Aquarium.

Take a bus bonds to Waian (外垵) or Tongliang (通梁) -> Get off at Gangzi Stop -> Penghu Aqurium

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