Penghu Attraction

Penghu County ─ Magong Airport
Magong Airport-

No.126-5, Aimen Village, Huxi Township, Penghu County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

opening hours:

Information counter: 07:00 am - The daily last flight take off 
Telephone: +886-6-922-9123 

Office Service Hours: 8:30 am - 12:30 pm; 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm (Monday - Friday)
Telephone: +886-6-922-8188   
FAX: +886-6-922-9124

service facilities:

Magong Airport offers dining and shopping area, tourist service including travel consulting, services for cyclists and insurance, breastfeeding room, luggage lockers, car rental, and currency exchange, etc.

available parking areas:

The parking lot can accommodate a maximum of 480 cars and 392 motorcycles.
Parking fees:
1. For cars, first 30 minutes are free and TWD 30 each time (per day) thereafter.
2. Free parking for the disabled for one day.
3. Free parking for motorcycles.

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The bus stop is located at the southern exit of the airport terminal. There are 23 regular buses pass through airport terminal every day.
1. Magong City → Chung Cheng Junior High School → Wukan → Magong Airport
2. Magong City → Dongwei → Huxi → Longmen → Magong Airport
3. West Isle & Baisha area → Embark at Dongwei or Magong City

1. Magong City: Downtown area → Chung Cheng Junior High School → Wukan → Magong Airport
2. Pengnan (Fenggui & Shanshui): Fenggui and Shanshui area → Suogang → Wukan → Magong Airport
3. Huxi (Huxi, Guoye, & Longmen): Lintou → Aimen → Magong Airport
4. Hsiyu (West Isle): Penghu Great Bridge (Baisha) → Dingwan → Xixi → Magong Airp

Car Rental
Location: Located at the left-hand side of Arrivals Exit on the first floor
Service description: Car rental services are available(SUVs, cars, scooters)
Opening hours: 07:30 - 19:30
Contact number: +886-6-9221277 / 9228588

Taxi stand is located at the Arrivals Exit of the terminal. The taxi fare to downtown is about TWD 250-300.

Ferries from Taiwan to Penghu
Taihwa Boat: Kaohsiung←→Magong
Contact Number- Kaohsiung: +886-7-5615313, Magong: +886-6-9264087
Triumph III: Budai Harbor, Chiayi←→Magong Port
Contact Number- Chiayi: +886-5-3471886, Magong: +886-6-9277995

Hotel Recommendation

Hotel Ever Spring Penghu

No.6, Zhongzheng Rd., Magong City, Penghu County, Taiwan
Hotel Ever Spring Penghu

Hotel Ever Spring Penghu is a cozy Penghu hotel in central Magong City, close to all popular attractions in Penghu.

TWD 1,900+