Hualien Attractions
Baiyang Waterfall

Hualien Attractions

Baiyang Waterfall

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Driving for about 15 minutes from Tianshiang to Wenshan, you will see a tunnel with balusters and an iron door. After walking into the construction detour from here; you can see many tunnels along the road. This place is known as the Second Taroko Valley. Going ahead for about 50 minutes; you will reach the Baiyang Waterfall which is divided into four parts. With its waters rushing down and surrounded by towering mountains and deep valleys, the waterfall looks extra beautiful. Taroko National Park Headquarters has built a suspension bridge to the underlayer of waterfall and a viewing area for visitors to have rest and enjoy the waterfall.


Go along No.8 provincial route (Central Cross-land Highway) from Taroko Hualien or Dongshr Taitung, the entrance of Shueilian Cave is in the west of Tianshiang, you should stop the car on the roadside, and then enter by the tunnel entrance.

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