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Wenshan Hot Spring

Hualien Attractions

Wenshan Hot Spring

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Wenshan Hot Spring was discovered during the Japanese colonial period. The entrance to Wenshan Hot Spring is located at the eastern side Taishan Tunnel. The hot spring is situated between the cracks of the river end. Winshan Hot Spring is also named Deep-water Spring, and is 3 km away from Tienshiang.

It takes around 15 min walk from the Wenshan Hotel through the valley. It is a natural outdoor hot spring with surrounding scenery still preserved in the primitive state. The spring pours at 40 degrees Celsius; the water is acidic and suitable for bathing but not for drinking. Cold stream nearby, visitors often enjoys the hot spring and cold water combo.

Close to the valley is a natural marble cave. With the beautiful scenery, Wenshan Hot Spring is considered the best al fresco hot spring spot and the reputation gains as years go by. The river outside is also available for water activities and it even serves as a cooling shower of a spa after bathing in the hot spring.
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From Zhonghenggong Road, drive westward past Tienshiang will get you there.

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