Fun in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is an entertainment paradise because there are many kinds of things you can do and many kinds of fun you can have from morning to night. You can go hiking or biking around the scenic West Lake in the morning to fresh yourself. After having the delicious Hangzhou cuisine you can go shopping on the unique streets or relax in the different kinds of tea houses. After dinner you can go enjoy Hangzhou’s fantastic nightlife.


Drink tea is a traditional custom in Hangzhou. It is also a necessary thing for Hangzhou people's daily life because tea is like water to them. The most famous tea kind in Hangzhou is Dragon Well tea which is grown on the hills surrounding the city. If you want to experience Hangzhou people leisure ambiance tea house would be the best choice. You can relax yourself in the elegantly environment and enjoy the world's finest Dragon Well tea. Some of the tea houses are located by the West Lake, so people can enjoy the beautiful lake view and breeze while sipping the fragrant tea. Some tea houses are in gardens or houses that are built in traditional Chinese style with refined decorations, so you can feel the ambience of ancient China.

Hu Pan Ju

Hu Pan Ju is a tea house located by the West Lake. Hu Pan Ju has a very good reputation in Hangzhou for many years. This is a great place to relax and enjoy the authentic Dragon Well tea. The beautiful West Lake and a cup of fragrant Dragon Well tea can help you to release your stress.

Chenghuang Tea house

One of the most famous tea houses in Hangzhou is Chenghuang Tea house. Chenghuang Tea house is located in the Chenghuang Temple on the Wu Hill which has a nice view of Hangzhou city. Besides the great tasting tea and beautiful view Chenghuang Tea house also provides tea ceremony demonstrations and traditional Chinese music performances.


Hangzhou is a shopping paradise. There is variety of choices of products with reasonable prices. You can find traditional crafts on the antique street or well-known brand products in the plazas and department stores.


When you come to Hangzhou there are two things that you definitely want to bring back which are tea and silk. Hangzhou's silk has good reputation throughout the world for thousand years since the Tang and Song Dynasties. Hangzhou is known for producing high quality silks and satins. In Hangzhou you can find variety of silk products such as blanket and clothing. Hangzhou satin is also very famous.

Yanan Road

Yanan Road is the most well known Street in Hangzhou which is about 3,000 meter long. Yanan Road is vertically across Hangzhou from north to south. It is the city's commercial center. There are many attractions along Yanan Road which included the grand buildings of the Zhejiang Provincial Great Hall of the People, Hangzhou Culture Center, International Mansion, Hangzhou Department Store, Hangzhou Grand Hotel and Victory Theatre. On north end of Yanan Road is Wulin Square that is a new center of culture and commerce.

Qinghefang Street

Qinghefang Street is one of the most unique antiquity streets in Hangzhou. It well represents the features of the Southern Song dynasty. You can also see many antique buildings from the Ming and Qing dynasties. You can find some high quality green tea here. There are variety of traditional crafts, such as silk parasols, brocades, and Hangzhou fans and the very famous Zhang Xiaoquan scissors.

Sijiqing Clothing Market

Sijiging Clothing Market is a paradise for female shoppers. Sijiqing Clothing Market is located on Hanghai Road in Hangzhou. It is one of the biggest clothing wholesale in China. There are more than 10,000 vendors. You can find variety of famous brand clothes with reasonable prices. Because of the great production the Sijiqing Clothing Market's clothes are often transport and sell in Southeast Asia, Europe and the U.S.


When you leave Hangzhou the thing that you would miss the most would be the delicious Chinese food. Hangzhou cuisine is one of the most popular cooking styles in China. A famous Chinese poet Su Dong Po in ancient China said "there are no better banquets in the world than those in Hangzhou." Hangzhou cuisine is known by natural flavor, beautiful presentation and deliciously taste. Seafood is Hangzhou cuisine's main element. They love to use fish, shrimp, crab and oyster. Some of the Hangzhou restaurants still retained serving traditional Hangzhou dishes, so customers can get the feeling and taste of old fashion Chinese style restaurants.

Lou Wai Lou

Lou Wai Lou is the one of the most authentic restaurant in Hangzhou which has created for more than 150 years. Lou Wai Lou is located near the scenic West Lake, so customers can enjoy the food while enjoy the delicately view. Lou Wai Lou also has a very historic ambiance, so for any trip to Hangzhou city it must include a visit to Lou Wai Lou.

Zhi Wei Guan

Zhi Wei Guan has been a famous restaurant in Hangzhou for 100 years. Zhi Wei Guan is well known by its local dishes and snacks. The most popular dishes are Won Ton soup and Xiaolongbao.


Biking is a leisure and healthy activity especially in Hangzhou. With the fragrance of the flower the breeze, bridges, tress, rivers and many other great views biking around the scenic West Lake is a good way to enjoy the beautiful nature. There are bikes for rent around the West Lake.


If you want to travel the West Lake and you think biking and hiking take too much work why not take a romantic boat ride. Boating gives you a chance to get closer to the scenic West Lake. The bridges and tress enhance the ambiance for the boat ride on West Lake.


If you want to completely relax yourself and do nothing you can go to the West Lake and sit by the lakeside to enjoy the free opera. They perform Yue opera which is the second most popular opera in China. Performers are very professional and they are not like the buskers because they won't collect money from the audiences.


After long trips to lakes and mountains in Hangzhou, visitors can go enjoy Hangzhou's absorbing nightlife. You can either go relax in the coffee shop or go party in the fancy club. For a medium size city Hangzhou has a great amount of bars and clubs. Club Max, LA Disco and G Plus are all very famous clubs in Hangzhou. These bars and clubs often invite famous live musicians or encounter jamming session to enhance atmosphere. KTV is also very popular in Hangzhou. Golden Time is a big entertainment center that includes Discos club, Jazz bar, coffee shop and KTV.