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Taiwan Cherry Blossom Season

Taiwan Cherry Blossom Season Events

2013 Appreciate Beautiful Cherry Blossoms at Taichung

Cherry Blossom (Photo by Bruce)
Cherry Blossom (Photo by Bruce)
Event: 2013 Alishan Cherry Blossom Festival
Date: 2013/03/15-2013/04/15

Alishan Forest Recreation Area
has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations of Taiwan. This beautiful scenic area is enriched in natural, cultural and historical which includes colorful indigenous cultures, distinctive forest railways, and mesmerizing sceneries such as sea of clouds, sunrise and sunset views that attract large numbers of both local and international visitors all-year-round.

Alishan Forest Recreation Area is located in Chiayi County, Taiwan, about 2 hours away from HSR Chiayi Station. Set with an altitude over 2,000 meters, Alishan has the perfect landscape and climate for diverse ecologies. Alishan features more than 19,000 cherry trees, and about 18,000 of them are Yoshino cherry trees that make Alishan the only and the largest area for Yoshino cherry trees in Taiwan. Alishan cherry trees usually start to bloom around mid-March every year. This year 2013, due to warm winter, you may now find cherry trees have begun to bloom in Zhaoping Park and Alishan Workstation.

Wuling Farm (Photo by Xcatx)
Wuling Farm (Photo by Xcatx)
Taiwan-born Lee Ang had his latest 3D film production- Life of Pi filmed in his homeland, Taiwan. Most of the imageries were computer-generated for special audiovisual effects. However, 75 percent of Life of Pi was filmed at various Taiwan destinations including the main scene of the Pacific Ocean and its waves created by a specially designed wave-generating pool built by the film crews at the former Taichung Shuinan Airport, the exotic floating island during Pi’s journey at Pingtung Banyan Park, the Mexican beach at Kenting Baisha Bay, as well as the animals from Taipei City Zoo includes rhinoceros, lemurs and a Taiwan native Formosan black bear.

Now, an exhibition which displays props from the movie Life of Pi, interactive installations and 3D images, is held at the National Museum of Natural Science in Taichung. There is also an educational component on how to survive at sea.

Moreover, during the 10 month filming in Taiwan, the film crew are not only impressed by the kind and hospitable people here, but also pleased by the services and hospitalities offered by several Taichung hotels. Book your Taichung hotels today at Sinotour.com and get ready to discover the Life of Pi and other beauties of these mesmerizing Taiwan stops!
Cherry Blossom (Photo by Xcatx)
Cherry Blossom (Photo by Xcatx)
Book your Kenting hotels early today for an amazing vacation of music and arts for your Taiwan travel.

Tickets are now on sale, prices are as listed below:
TWD 2,100元 during January.
TWD 2,200元 during February.
TWD 2,300元 during March.
TWD 2,400元 during April.

Directions to the 2013 Kenting Spring Scream Sneaky Snake:
From Taoyuan International Airport:

Taoyuan Int’l Airport -> Take Ubus no. 705 (about 15-20 minutes, bus runs on a regular basis) or Taoyuan Bus (runs 6 times a day) to HSR Taoyuan Station -> Take high speed railway from HSR Taoyuan Station to HSR Kaohsiug Zuoying Station -> Catch a shuttle bus bound for Kenting to the event site.

From Kaohsiung International Airport:
Kaohsiung Int’l Airport -> Take shuttle bus to Hengchun (Kenting) area
It takes about 2 hours from Kaohsiung Int’l Airport to Kenting.

Please visit the official web site of 2013 Kenting Spring Scream for event sitemap & ticketing.

Taiwan Cherry Blossom Season