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Cherry Blossom Season


Yilan County ─ Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area
Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area-
At 1,950 meters high, Taipingshan (Mt. Taiping) was once, one of three regulated research woodlands in Taiwan. It has now been developed into tourist area. Its compound includes the Lenzhir Hot Springs, Lantai Nursery, Virgin Forest Park, Mt. Independent (Tulishan) Wildlife Preservation Area, Chuifung Lake, etc. The most attractive spot is mid-way between the Forest Park and the Wildlife Preservation Center where it offers spectacular view of sunrise, seas of clouds, and snow-capped mountains.

Lenzhir Hot Springs
Located at Tochang Village in Tatung at 500 meters high, Lenzhir Hot Springs is right at the center of the recreation park. The water is rich in calcium carbonate, odorless, clear, and it maintains a temperature around 95° C. The woodland in the vicinity offers walking trails; it is a fantastic place for bird watching. You can find accommodation at the Lenzhir Cottages operated by Lanyang Forest Administration.

Taipingshan Forest Park
Covering an expanse of 24 hectares, Taiping Forest Park presents unspoiled virgin forest woodland where you can find hemlock, Formosa red cypress, Japanese Cypress, etc. In addition, there are pavilion and walking trails for easy strolls in the woodland.

Mt Independent (Tulishan) Wildlife Preservation Area
The area from Taipingshan to Tulishan is covered with virgin forest. There are observation sheds for views of the wildlife habitat and ecology. There is one particular pavilion, which offers spectacular views of Mt Kuishan (Turtle Mountain) Island on the Pacific Ocean and Mt Nanhu (South Lake).

Lantai Nursery
This nursery is renowned for its cultivation of a great variety of orchid, cypress, cryptomeria, and other tree seedlings. At present, some parts of the nursery and the greenhouses are opened to visitors.
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Taiwan Cherry Blossom Season