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Chiayi County ─ Juili Scenic Area
Juili Scenic Area-
Jhuci Water Park is located beside Jhuci Bridge and Privincial Highway no.3. It is the first water park established along Puci River. The park is organized into staircase plaza, water facilities, limestone game area, art cultural plaza, and hiking trails.
The park covers around 4 hectares. There are many facilitiesand trails in the park like The Mellenium Hang Bridge, Bamboo Hiking Trail, and Mountain Hiking Trails. The most famous of all is the Hungjing Bridge, high 19 meters, long 206 meters with one end organized into Barbecue area and a large plaza for events. It is a popluar park for the locals to hangout during the weekends like family gathering, picnic, kiting, and bike rides.
The Sky Walk
The park was installed with two features in order to promote Chiayi tourism. The Flower Fairy Trail and Sky Walk. The Sky walk is 185 meters long, cutting through the woods and the exhibition area. The highest of the Sky Walk reaches 19 meters above ground. It is a different perspective to view the park from up there. The Flower Fairy Trail is long 400 meters with physical challgenged friendly design. It is suitable for wheel chair and baby carts to stroll.
 ※ Sky Walk
● Hours:9:00-17:30
● Capacity:150 guests, 10 guests on each round platform.
● No smoking, eating, drinking, pets, explosives, umbrella, cane, photo pods or anything that may potentially damage the bridge
● Close when rain, open when the sky walk is cleaned.
scenery features:

★the first water park along Puci River
★Hungjing Bridge is the longest two based hang bridge in Taiwan
★Over 80 kinds of bamboo

opening hours:

※ Sky Walk
● Hours:9:00-17:30
● Capacity:150 guests, 10 guests on each round platform.

expenditure brief:

No tickets required
The above fees are for reference purposes only; actual costs are informed at the actual venue and we do NOT give any prior notice.

available parking areas:

Parking lot

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By car:
Exit the Chiayi Highway to 159 county lane. Upon reaching No 18-district lane, turn to 169 county lane and you will reach the destination.

By bus:
Take the private-owned tour bus in front of the Jade Mountain Travel Agency near the Chiayi North Gate Terminal.

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