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Chiayi County ─ Yuantan Natural Reserve
Yuantan Natural Reserve-
Yuantan Natural Reserve is located 1000 meters altitude between Zhuqi and Meishan in Chiayi. Preserved with abundant stream and valley sceneries, Yuantan Natural Reserve is one of the best places to observe intermediate altitude natural environment. The hiking routes and facilities is organized and built with nature-friendly materials in the park, presenting pre-historic wilderness experience for the hikers.

Yuantan Natural Reserve became a hot attraction within Alishan National Forest Recreation Area. Three natural hiking routes and a suspension bridge connecting Rueili Hotel, Yuantan Stream, Taishing Area, Jianjenshou Village, Rueili Village, and Taishing Village provides a wonderful hiking experience. The park is composed of hills and cliffs, presenting magnificent valley scenery. The Yuantan, Shunshan, and Hsinhu Waterfalls are the main features here, each with their distinguished characters promoted Yuantan Natural Reserve. The tourist center provides exhibits on geological information and natural habitat on the first floor. On the second floor, local cuisines and merchandise are available replenish your energy.

Wild animals are to be seen everywhere along the routes since the park is so well preserved. The intact natural habitat presents educational hiking experience for families to get in touch with the nature, especially during April to June, when the fireflies takes over the forest in the night time. There are 7 hot spot for fireflies watching in Alishan National Forest Recreation Area. Yuantan Natural Reserve is among one of the seven, though it’s not the most popular but it is making its way up the list.
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scenery features:

Yuantan Natural Reserve is a well preserved park with animals and sceneries to occupy your eyes. The main feature, waterfalls in the park are just too spectacular too miss. It is also a great location for fireflies watching during April to June.

opening hours:

09:00 am~07:00 pm

available parking areas:


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By Car
Highway no.3 exit on Zhuqi Intersection
Proceed County Highway no.166
Turn right when you reach the gas station on Provincial Highway no.3
Turn right at the first traffic light onto County Highway no.122
Proceed County Highway no.122 to destination

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