Tainan City ─ Tainan Confucius Temple
Tainan Confucius Temple-
Tainan Confucius Temple, also known as “The Highest Institute”, was built in the year 1666. It is the first Confucius temple constructed in Taiwan and back in the days, it was the only place of the highest official institute of higher learning in Taiwan. This well preserved temple has been through more than 30 times of renovation since it was built, a part of the structure was destroyed during the wars and ruined by nature disasters such as typhoons. The present outlook of the structure was the look after reconstructing during the Japanese ruling period in year 1917.

This well preserved Confucius Temple was appointed as a Class 1 Historic Site in 1983 by the government of Tainan has become one of the main tour sites for visitors traveling to Tainan. Speaking of well preserving, the original cultural articles in the Confucius, inscriptional records of repairs, horizontal described boards awarded from all types of dynasties and ceremony and musical instruments from early Manchu Dynasty are still perfectly kept till nowadays. These precious historical cultural articles and musical instruments are available for you to discover so don’t miss The Confucius Temple Tainan if you are looking for a historic, cultural trip for you Taiwan Travel!
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Drive on your own:
Tainan Train Station (台南車站) -> Zhongshan Road (中山路) -> Tainan City Hall (台南市政府) -> make a left turn at Nanmen Road (南門路) -> make a right turn at Wenshen Road (文聖路) -> Tainan Confucius Temple (台南孔廟)

By Bus:
Take bus no. 1, 3, 16, or 17 from Tainan Train Station (台南車站) to Tainan Jiansing Junior High School stop (建興國中站). Walk along Wenshen Road (文聖路) and make a left turn at Nanmen Road (南門路) to Tainan Confucius Temple (台南孔廟).