Hsinchu County ─ Sheipa Leisure Farm
Sheipa Leisure Farm-
Located in Wufeng Township of Hsinchu County, Sheipa Leisure Farm is a fruit farm near Shei-pa National Park within 460 meters. The farm features spacious mountain views, night views, sea of cloud views, snow views, starry sky views, sunrise views, sunset views, etc. During different seasons, different flowers such as azalea, impatiens devolii, and peony can be seen in the farm growing wildly along the roadside. The farm also grows blueberries, kiwis, peaches, persimmos, plums, oriental pears, as well as other temperate zone fruits. Visitors can taste the special high-mountain kiwis at the end of each year. Sheipa Leisure Farm provides accommodations of suites and cabins with great scenery views. Visitors may also appreciate the beautiful sea of clouds while relaxing at the tranquil Yunhai (sea of clouds) Coffee Shop in the farm.

Besides fruit picking and scenery viewing, visitors may walk along the Yemaganshan Trail to reach Yemagan Mountain. The length of the trail is around three kilometers. There are full of yellow false cypresses and some valuable Chinese cypresses along the trail. Visitors would hear the sound of cicadas and birds as well as appreciate the beautiful view of the forest with mist and scattered sunlight.

Nearby attractions include Guanwu National Forest Recreation Area, Qing Spring, Qing Spring Trail, Sheipa National Park, and Taoshan Trail.

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Drive through National Highway No. 1, Northern National Highway No.3, or Provincial Highway No.3.→ exit on Zhulin Interchange→ Zhudong→ drive toward Wufeng Township (Dabajian Mountain) → Qing Spring→ Dalulindao (21.5 km) → Sheipa Leisure Farm