Hualien County ─ Rueisuei Ranch
Rueisuei Ranch-
Located in Rueisuei Town of Hualien County, Taiwan, Rueisuei Ranch is famed for its dairy products and is also a hidden gem that offers weary travelers a wonderful glimpse of life on a dairy farm fitted with a number of features and a long walkway lined by landscaped gardens and trees. Spanning an area about 39 hectares, Rueisuei Ranch houses about 300 Holstein dairy cows that produce high-quality milk, making it one of the best milk providers of Taiwan as Rueisuei Town is bestowed with fabulous mountain views and a fertile plain created by deposits from rivers flowing down from the highlands.

Rueisuei Ranch is where visitors may experience sample life on a dairy farm. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon sitting down and revitalize while watching the cows and a family of ostriches go about their business. Children may also experience feeding animals with bunches of grass, and also sample a wide array of dairy products, including fresh milk, milk puddings, cheesecake, milk bread, as well as milk nougat comes in various flavors such as original, green tea, pumpkin, coffee and others. Rueisuei Ranch is a wonderful Hualien tourist spot for visitors of all ages.

Apart from a visit to the ranch, there are also a number of nice stops for one to visit in Rueisuei Town such as Rueisuei Hot Spring, Wuhe Tea Farm, Wuhe Scenic Area, Fuyuan National Forest Recreation Area and many others for a colorful Hualien travel.
featured specialties:

Fresh milk and various dairy products include cheese, dairy buns, frozen items, coffee etc.

opening hours:

Opening Hours:
Weekdays: 09:00-18:00
Weekends: 08:00-18:00

expenditure brief:

Free of Charge (except activities & dairy products)
The above fees are for reference purposes only; actual costs are informed at the actual venue and we do NOT give any prior notice.

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Drive on your own:
1. No. 5 National Highway: From Sizih Interchange (汐止交流道) of No. 1 National Highway (國道1號/中山高) connect to No. 5 National Highway (國道5號/北宜高速公路) -> Xueishan Tunnel (雪山隧道) -> Suao Interchange (蘇澳交流道) -> No. 9 Provincial Highway (台9號)-> Rueisuei Town (瑞穗鄉)-> Rueisuei Ranch (瑞穗牧場)

2. No. 5 National Highway: From Nangang Interchange (南港交流道) of No. 3 National Highway (國道3號/北二高) connect to No. 5 National Highway (國道5號/北宜高速公路) -> Xueishan Tunnel (雪山隧道) -> Suao Interchange (蘇澳交流道) -> No. 9 Provincial Highway (台9號) -> Rueisuei Town (瑞穗鄉)-> Ruesuei Ranch (瑞穗牧場)

By train:
Take train from Hualien (花蓮) to Rueisuei Railway Station (瑞穗火車站). From there, take Hualien Bus (花蓮客運) to Maliyun stop (馬立雲站) and then take about a 30 minute walk following the road signs to Rueisuei Ranch (瑞穗牧場).