Miaoli County ─ Nanzhuang Old Street
Nanzhuang is a suburban town in Miaoli County, where there were about 30,000 residents and was famous for its prosperous forest and coal industries. Due to the decline of coal and forest industries, most of the residents moved out from the area into the city to seek for more work opportunities. Nanzhuang was untouched for about 10 years. Hence, the town features many preserved architectures and natural surroundings. Nanzhuang Town is mostly resided by the Hakka people, Atayal and Saisiyat aborigines, making it a good example of ethnic integration in Taiwan.

Today, the town of Nanzhuang is a popular Taiwan tourist stop for its abundant natural surroundings and its Nanzhuang Old Street filled with all kinds of Hakka and aboriginal snacks and delicacies, as well as Nanzhuang’s most gifted natural resources: mushroom, Gui bamboo shoots and trout. There are a few stone tablets at the entrance of Nanzhuang Old Street that are remains of a place where waters flows down from the mountains, allowing the villagers to come and do their daily laundries in the past.

The most famous alley of Nanzhuang Old Street is “Guihua Alley” that derives its name from a kind of flower associated with “Sweet Tea Olive”. It is where one may find a number of small stands and shops for souvenirs and savor authentic Hakka delicacies.

Towards the end of Nanzhuang Old Street, stands the old postal office of Nanzhuang in Japanese style that was first established during the period of Japanese colonization, and renovated recently. The old Nanzhuang Postal Office has been noted as one of the ten most treasured historical architectures of Miaoli. The nostalgia environment and ambience make the old Nanzhuang Postal Office a popular photo shooting spot. Opposite from the postal office is a popular small stand in a traditional Japanese style house that sells shredded ice with matcha and red beans in a big bowl priced about twd 50, making it a very hot spot for one’s visit to Nanzhuang.

No.No. 3,Datong Road,Nanzhuang Town,Miaoli County,Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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By Car:
1. No. 1 National Taiwan Highway (Zhongshan Highway國道一號) -> Toufen Interchange (頭份交流道) -> No. 3 Provincial Road (台3線) to Shanzhu Lake (珊珠湖) -> Sanwan (三灣) -> No. 124 County Road (124甲縣道) or No. 20 Miaoli County Road (苗20線) -> Longmen (龍門) -> Nanzhuang (南庄)

2. No. 3 National Taiwan Highway (國道三號)-> Chyonin Interchange(芎林交流道)-> Zhudong(竹東) -> Beipu(北埔) -> Ermei (峨嵋) -> Mt. Shitou(獅頭山) -> Nanzhuang (南庄)

By Train:
Take train to Zhunan Railway Station(竹南火車站) -> Miaoli Bus (苗栗客運) -Nanzhuang Line (南庄方向之班車) -> Nanzhuang (南庄)