Hsinchu City ─ Hsinchu 17km Coastline Scenic Area
Hsinchu 17km Coastline Scenic Area-
Spans over Hsinchu’s Nanliao to Nankang, home to a great diverse of wildlife. The 17 kilometers long coastline has brought to public’s attention after the Major decided to raise Hsinchu’s tourism industry by transforming the coastline from an unorganized, heavy polluted harbor into a world class tourism destination. Focused on “Sightseeing leisure” and “Nature ecology”, he arises to construct 5 new bridges along the coastline to link up scenic spots and formed a network of costal bicycle lane. The Coastline Scenic Area now boasts eight spectacular scenic spots from Nanliao’s Hsinchu Harbor to the Nankang Bird Watching Area which includes: Tourist Center at Hsinchu Harbor, Seaview Park, Gangnan Canal, Mangrove Park, Splendor Coast, Oceanview Deck at the Haishan Harbor and Nangang Bird Watch Area.

Hsinchu Harbor
The old harbor of Nanliao was built in the early 80’s to give the convenience to local fishermen. Due to the decreasing amount of fish loads over the years, the old commercial fishing harbor was replaced by a new, tourism focused Hsinchu Harbor. Not only it’s great for fishing, the new harbor also provides a weekend seafood market and a recreational pier to the public. The Direct sales Center of seafood stocks the freshest and well-priced seafood and it’s the main source to many fine restaurants around Hsinchu area.

Seaview Park
Seaview Park’s location is used to be the place where ash dumping took place from city’s garbage incinerator. Since its buried underground, the ground level here is higher than its neighbors around therefore, it provides a great view of the ocean and a wonderful place to enjoy the sunset. Covered with rich, green lawn and many colorful carp windsocks given by the sister city (Okayama, Japan) of Hsinchu, they have become the landmark of Seaview Park.

Haishan Harbor Leisure Pier
Since heavier tides appear here at Haishan Harbor, the fishing industry is not as fortunate as to Hsinchu Harbor. Despite the fact, Hsinchu city government decides not to give up this beautiful location and re-designed and constructed various recreational facilities here to boost its tourism and gain popularity. A pier was built to insure a place for enjoyment of the ocean scenery. During low tides the beach area in the harbor grows to expansive dimensions.
Although it’s quiet compared to the crowed Hsinchu harbor, those who love peace and privacy definitely should not miss this place.

Mangrove Park
First eco-park ever built in Hsinchu, covers an area over 0.25 hectares. A unique tidal habitat and home to many wildlife. The Hsinchu City government also built an eco-designed park surrounding the mangroves. There is a footpath, sand-carving area, rock climbing area and a network of bird watching trails. Along the trails you will also find sculptures and bulletin boards giving detailed information about the park and beautiful paintings of murals by Hushan neighborhood on the coastal embankments. A great destination not only for cyclists also kids or schools for an ecosystem educational purpose.

Nangang Bird Watching Area.
A small yet beautiful ecological site designed by the Hsinchu City government. Throughout the year, a great range of migratory birds are seen here. The ponds located inside the embankment are made from abandoned fish farming ponds, therefore teals and many other species of wild birds are often seen swimming in the water, making them an ideal place for bird watching. The Wild Bird Society of Hsinchu has recorded a number of species such as herons, bitterns, swallows, martins, munias and sparrows spotted around the area. Sometimes predatory birds such as ospreys, marsh harriers and common kestrels can also be seen here too! Hsinchu City government thoughtfully built a camouflaged bird watching screen to make it more easier sightings for the birders. By far, this would be the best spot for birdwatchers and nature lovers.

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There are many different routes to suit cyclists of all levels of fitness; visitors can choose to rent bicycles from various bike stores at Gangnan Canal Coastal Scenic Area, Jincheng Lake and Hsinchu Harbor, here are some listed.
Giteyear Rental Tel:03-536-2795
Gangnan Scenic Club Tel:03-530-7896
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Jincheng Lake Bicycle Rental Tel:03-539-6473

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By Car: Zhongshan Highway (No.1) -> Hsinchu exit (94.5km) -> Guangfu Rd -> Dongda Rd.
By Train: Hsinchu station exit -> transfer to Hsinchu Bus route 15
By HSR: Hsinchu station exit -> transfer to Hsinchu Bus route 15