Miaoli County ─ Dahu Town
Dahu Town-
Located in Miaoli County, Dahu Town is famed for strawberries of high-quality making it a popular tourist destination. Strawberries were first introduced to Dahu in 1957, many experimentations were proceeded with different varieties of strawberries include Marshall and Aliso. Today, Dahu Town produces about 90% of the total amount of strawberries in Taiwan. Strawberries are seasonal with the harvest season being from around November to April, visitors may enjoy picking strawberries by own hands.

As Dahu is renowned the capital of strawberry in Taiwan, a number of strawberry themed stops have been established such as the Dahu Strawberry Cultural Center, also known as Dahu Winery. Dahu Strawberry Cultural Center is comprised of a shop for all kinds of strawberry products, a restaurant for strawberry shaved ice and a museum telling the history of strawberries in Dahu and the area. Behind Dahu Strawberry Cultural Center, one may find a courtyard with the winery and coffee shop. The process of making strawberry and plum wines can be viewed through large windows.

Dahu Strawberry Cultural Center is also filled with a number of food stands selling a wide array of desserts and snacks such as strawberry meatballs, sausages, ice-cream, shaved ice, milk, noodles, tofu, candy, egg rolls, soda, as well as cosmetics that are rarely found elsewhere. Dahu Town is the perfect stop for big fans of strawberries.

Other than strawberries of high-standard and wide selection of strawberry products, Dahu Town is the largest town of Miaoli County and also the home to a number of fascinating Taiwan tourist stops include Shei-pa National Park, Hushan Hot Spring, Chingan Bean Curd Old Street, Mt. Dake and Mt. Henglong Trail that are worth-visiting for one’s Taiwan travel.

Dahu Town, Miaoli County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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Drive on your own:
No. 1 National Highway (國道一號): Miaoli Interchange (苗栗交流道) -> No. 6 Provincial Highway (台6線) -> Dahu (大湖) -> There are a number of strawberry fields & farms along No. 3 Provincial Highway (台3線)

By Bus:
Miaoli Train Station (苗栗火車站) -> Hsinchu Bus (新竹客運) bound for Dahu (大湖) or Zuolan (卓蘭) -> Dahu (大湖)