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Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area

Sun Moon Lake / 老山羊部落格


No.599, Zhongshan Rd., Yuchi, Chiayi, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

● Information center:
Xiangshan Visitor Center
Tel: +886-49-2855668
● Sun Moon Lake Ropeway
Weekdays: Operating time 10:30-16:00, Ticketing time 10:00-15:30
Weekends & Holidays: Operating time 10:00-16:30, Ticketing time 9:30-16:00
● Lake tours: Boat, lake tour bus, ropeway, bike rental
The largest lake in Taiwan and one of the most beautiful and most famous tour sites in Asia, Sun Moon Lake and the surrounding area have been designated one of thirteen national scenic areas in Taiwan. Like a mystical Chinese painting, the scenery of the Sun Moon Lake is truly breathtaking. There are a total of 7 hiking trails in the surrounding mountains, providing different views and angles of the picturesque scenery at Sun Moon Lake.
Although swimming at the Sun Moon Lake is usually prohibited, there is an annual swimming carnival held at the Sun Moon Lake around The Moon Festival. Firework shows and concerts are also very popular during the same time of the year.


We Resort

We Resort

No.70-3, Jintian Ln., Yuchi ..
TWD4,800 +


By Car :
1. National number 1 highway(國道一號), exit Wangtien offramp(王田交流道), connect to Tai 1 route(台1線) to Zhongzhuan(中庄) Tai 14 route(台14線), pass Caotun(草屯), to Ailan bridge(愛蘭橋), turn right to Tai 21 route(台21線), pass Yuchih(魚池) to reach.

By Bus :
1. Take Guoguang Bus(國光客運) towards Sun Moon Lake(日月潭) to reach directly.


Xiangshan Bike and Pedestrian Bridge
Sun Moon Lake Bike Trail
Yuetan Bike Path
Hug Cloud Flying Media
Sun Moon Lake Ropeway
Jiji Line
Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village