Tainan Attractions
Sihcao Green Tunnel

Tainan Attractions

Sihcao Green Tunnel

/ 三井

Sihcao Green Tunnel in Tainan was once a salt canal. 750 meters long and 20 meters wide, the canal was used to transport salt products from the drying field to the storage back in the days. The rich habitat of the mangrove the canal cuts through is the wetland environment with the most variety of species and plants in Taiwan. It is now organized into a tourism canal for visitors to examine and experience this well reserved wetland.

Sihcao Green Tunnel is right beside and under management of Sihcao Dajhong Temple. There are two raft routes provided, the Sihcao Green Tunnel and Taijiang Boat Ride. Taijiang boat ride takes you out to the shore to explore the coastline of the wetland. The Sihcao Green Tunnel takes you into the canal to examine closely to the plants and the species along the way. The 30 minute raft ride through the well preserved mangrove with greeneries covering the sides and rare species resting randomly in the woods is very relaxing. With a professional guide explaining the history and ecological facts, the ride is also very educational.

Even though the ride through the Sihcao Green Tunnel is only around 30 minutes, but most visitors find it romantic and compelling. It is an interesting experience to raft through a natural green tunnel. And you can always take the other Taijiang Boat ride out to the shores after the canal. The beautiful green tunnel has become more and more popular; it is now one of the most recommended attractions in Tainan.
Leon Tsai

opening hours:

8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Contact number / reservation number
06-2841610 / 06-2840959
Reservation is required for group tours

additional activities:

Green Tunnel: the raft tour begins when up to 15 members applied
Taijian Boat: the boat tour begins when up to 20 members applied

expenditure brief:

Ticket Fee
Green Tunnel
Adult NT$150
Student NT$100

Adult NT$200
Student NT$150

Student ticket is for students in elementary
Kids under elementary is free of charge
Insurance included


By Car
Highway no1 or 3 transfer to Provincial Rd. no.8 Tainan sub route
Switch to Anji Rd. (17甲)
Turn right on Taijian Blvd. (17乙)
Turn left on Anming Rd.
Turn Right on Bentian Rd.
Turn left on Sihcao Blvd.
Turn left on Dazhong Rd.

Take the transfer bus from Tainan HSR Station
To Tainan railway Station
Following directions refer to railway

By Railway
Take the Tainan City bus no.10 or
No.99 Taijiang route to Sihcao Dajhong Temple
Or taxi from Tainan Railwa Station

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