Chihshang Township once was called Sinkaiyuan, and it is the most important agricultural district in Taitung County. The area of rice paddy is over 1400 hectares, so it is also called rice village. Separated from Guanshan by Xinwuliu River, Chihshang sits at an altitude of 170 meters. Due to its unpolluted water and natural environment, it is famous for its best quality of Chihshang rice. Chihshang Rice Shop is situated on Zhongxiao Road, no. 259 and its Chihshang bento box is supreme. It is famous and all the local restaurants, the hotels along the Huatung Highway use Chihshang rice; it is considered a famous local specialty in Taiwan. The Chihshang Rice Restaurant opens all year long, from 7:00am to 10:00pm. Contact number : +886 89 862326 ; +886 89 863477


From Taitung City take the Provincial Highway 9 via Chulu, Luyeh, Guanshan, Haiduan and then arrive at Chihshang. Total journey is approximately 57.1 km.

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