Kaohsiung Shadow Play Museum





The museum was established in 1986, including 5 parts: Theme Hall, Specialty Hall, Data Room, Teaching and Studying Classroom and Theater. The main ideas are promoting traditional art and culture, the research and collections of shadow puppet are also been preserved in the museum. Periodically plays the shadow puppet every second Sundays of the month, introduce the art to all visitors and can play the puppet behind the screen, also the exhibition area welcomes you to make your own shadow puppet here. The Theme Hall is the most distinguishing feature of the museum, collects props, traditional instruments, delicate puppets etc.

Opening Hours: AM9:00 to PM5:30 (take a day off on Mondays)
Contact TEL. +886-7-6262620


Drive on your own:
No. 1 National Highway (國道一號): exit from Ganshan Interchange (岡山交流道) -> Jieshou Road (介壽路) -> make a right turn at the intersection of Ganshan S. Road (岡山南路) -> Shadow Play Museum (高雄市皮影戲館)

By train -> bus:
1. Take train to Kaohsiung Train Station (高雄火車站). From there, take Kaohsiung Bus (高雄客運) bound for Ganshan (岡山) to Kaohsiung City Cultural Center (文化中心站) to Shadow Play Museum (高雄市皮影戲館)

2. Take train to Tainan Train Station (高雄火車站). From there, take Tainan Bus (台南客運) bound for Ganshan (岡山) to Ganshan stop (岡山站). Kaohsiung Shadow Play Museum (高雄皮影戲館) can be accessed with a walk through Zhongshan S. Road (中山南路) and Jieshou Road (介壽路).

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