Taichung Port



Taichung Port is an artificial port with modern facilities and occupies a convenient location in traffic link to its neighbor cities. As the third largest city in Taiwan, Taichung
City is international and Taichung Port is one of the four international ports in Taiwan, only 136 nautical miles to Xiamen Port. The area of Taichung Port is 3,760 hectare in total, and its broad hinterland connects to Taichung
City, Miaoli, Changhua and Nantou. Taichung Port provides transportation to promote economic and international status, and the whole area is further develop for tourism and a feature of Taichung.

Nearby Taichung Port is Wuchi tourist fish market, one of the large-scale fishing ports in central Taiwan. The fish market provides fresh seafood and produce, and it is a place for leisure tourism and recreation. The market offers areas for fitness, volleyball, kite-flying, sea view and picnic. The yachts of “Blue Highway” would take tourists out to sea from Wuchi tourist fish market.



By Bus :
1. Cingshuei Township(清水鎮): take Fongyuan Bus(豐原客運) to Taichung Port(台中港), exit at Wuci stop(梧棲站)

By Car :
1. National number 1 highway(國道一號), exit Taichung Port Rd offramp(中港交流道), drive along Tai 12 route(台12線) pass Shalu(沙鹿) and Wuci(梧棲) to reach.

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No.95, Sec 1, Hsiang-shang Rd., Taichung City , Taiwan

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