The Paiwan Maleveq Festival

Paiwan is one of the three largest aboriginal tribes in Taiwan. The entire Peiwan population is estimated to be around 40,000. These aborigines are settling around the areas of Pintung and Taitung Counties. Maleveq (Bamboo) Festival, which is held once every five years on 25 October, and it is now held in Daren Township, Taitung.

The Maleveq(bamboo) Ritual also called the five year worship is for inviting the spirits of their gods to come and bless them. From the narratives passed down by the elders of Paiwan, the gods taught the ancestors how to plant, how to hold weddings, and funeral rituals, etc. To show the gratitude, the ancestors would burn millet stalks at the designated time as a signal to invite the gods to come to receive their sacrifices. The Five-Year Ritual lasts for no less than 10 days and the ceremonies in which everyone in the tribe participates, are performed by both male and female officiates. It is a very important ritual for the Paiwan tribe. By piercing bamboo poles into cane balls, in this way every household must worship the gods and their ancestors to pray for their blessings.

Currently, the Taitung County Paiwan aboriginal tribes’ population outnumbers all other aborigines in the whole of Taiwan. The ritual will take place in Taitung County, and it will combine some customary performances, which are worth seeing. However, visitors have to apply for a Class A forestry entry permit in order to enter the village.


opening hours:

Daren Village Office : 089-702249


By Car
National Highway 1-> XiZhi Interchange->Freeway No. 5 -> Hsueh Shan Tunnel -> exist Suao Interchange->Provincial Highway 9->exit Taitung Daxi->Tuban Village