Tiger Rock (Hushanyan)



Around 6 km from Changhua, a rocky plain on the north-west slope of Pakua Mountain, there is a small village called Huatang. Here, you will find one of the oldest temples on the island called Tiger Rock (Hushanyan). Built in 1738 during Emperor Chiang-long's era of the Qing Dynasty, this was one of the eight major scenic spots on the island back then. The architectural is magnificent and the environment is serene. It is now classed in the country's third-ranking historical site. It is the temple of Kuanyin, the Goddess of Mercy along with the 18 Arhats, the God of the Grain (Woochiwang), Prince Chenghuang and Fude God.

History recorded eventful stories leading to the establishment of the temple. According to the records, it all started in 1730. The children would bring herds of cattle to the green pasture behind the rocky mountain. A hut simply made clay of Kuanyin was built for their daily worship. The Goddess was to protect their herds from going astray while the children played on their own. At the end of the year, when herding in that area stopped, the hut was torn down. However, when the children went back home, they seemed mentally disturbed. The parents later realized the cause of their children’s disturbed mindset was connected to the torn hut. Then Tiger Rock was built and worshipped on a rocky plain ever after. From far, it looks like a crouching tiger with its head facing the east and its front feet curled in. The temple is right under the tiger's chin, the middle portion at the stomach and the western section is at its tail. Lush greenery covers the mountain thanks to the age old belief that cutting the trees would wake up the sleeping tiger. The culprit's soul would be swallowed by the tiger and die. This belief passed down and successfully preserved the greenery for more than 200 years.

When spring moves into summer, the sound of humming birds coming from within this wilderness and bamboo land. It is a place with stories and sceneries. Tiger Rock also has a saying, “Listening of the Bamboos at Tiger Mountain”, explains the abundance of natural bamboo forest. Discovering folktales, experiencing Taiwan traditional culture, Tiger Rock is a wonderful place to visit.
Leon Tsai

scenery features:

Tiger Rock (Hushanyan) is one of the oldest temples in Taiwan. The place recorded abundant folktales and myths of traditional Taiwan legends and the preserved greenery. It’s a great place to experience the oldest and greenest of Taiwan.


By car:
From Yuanlin Interchange
Proceed along No 19 Provincial Highway to Chunghua Road.
Turn right on Chungshan Rd. and proceed along No.137 County Rd. till Baishaken.
Turn left onto Hushan St. and turn right onto Tinghuozhoo Bridge and you will reach the destination.
By bus:
Take the Changhua Bus bound for Huatang, Tianchung and get off at Baishaken.
Follow the road sign and walk about 30 minutes to the destination.

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