Nantian Hot Springs

Embedded in Hainan Province Nantian State Farm and faced with Wuzhizhou Island, Nantian Hot Springs are conveniently in the proximity to Hainan Nanwan Monkey Island, Yalong Bay, Tianyahaijiao, and the highway. As one of the biggest source of medical hot mineral water, Nantian Hot Springs are complimented as “the Top One Hot Spring in China.” It is said Nantian Hot Springs are abundant in Minerals that is healthily beneficial and therefore developed into a tourism spot filled with tropical atmosphere.

Low-temperature (approximately 56℃) and high-mineral (slightly consisting of lithium, strontium, radon, manganese, zinc, arsenic, and fluorine), Nantian Hot Springs are considered alternative therapies of rheumatism, arthritis, and gastrointestinal tract-related diseases by local Hainan people.  As well, certain local inhabitants bathe in Nantian Hot Springs to moisturize their skin.  Overall, Nantian Hot Springs are a notable hot spring site attracting lots of tourists. To prompt more visitors to enjoy Nantian Hot Springs, the authorities designed a retreat of which 10 different-sized hot spring tools are built.  Moreover, available to worldwide tourists, there are also six tourism orchards in Hainan Province Nantian State Farm and thus enhances the expediency of tourism in Nantian Hot Springs.