Luodong Night Market





Luodong Night Market is located next to Luodong Park. It is always crowded, and is one of the best places for shopping and dining. The traditional snacks here are popular to both local residents and visitors such as the scallion pancake. Moreover, the night market also covers shops of clothing, shoes, accessories, and utensils of daily life. Situated in the center of Luodong, Luodong Night Market is a famous tourism spot with many stores. Iced maniocs with red beans stuffing are original invention of Luodong, and the original store is in the night market. Another signature dish is medicine mutton soup; anyone has to wait in a long line in order to get a seat. Besides, rice noodle thick soup is also one of the famous Yilan dishes, and one can have the most traditional taste here. Street food vendors are all gathered around Luodong Park, offer low-price and various night snacks, such as Yilan specialties smoked duck, salty rice noodle, and Yilan Scallion Pancake. Overall, Luodong Night Market is a wonderful place to shop and dine, you should not miss visiting Loudong Night Market during your Taiwan travel!
Yolanda/Lisa K.

scenery features:

The represent night market in Eastern Taiwan. With unique local savory, this night market is popular among the locals and tourists.

opening hours:

6pm to 12am



By Bus
1. Gouguang Bus toward Luodong
2. Capital Bus toward Luodong
3. Kamalan Bus from Taipei or Banqiao Railway Station to Luodong

By Railway
get off at Luodong Station, walk along Chongcheng Rd., turn right to Xindong Rd.

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