Beipu is the latest developed area in Hsinchu, almost a hundred year later compared to the city. Beipu was populated by a diversity of people from Fujian, Hakka, and Guangdong which formed a unique society. Each culture given their strength to build Beipu together, developing a cultural fusion of the local customs. This is a very special circumstance when armed conflicts between different cultures are happening in other places in Taiwan. But Beipu established a safe and peaceful village growing gradually.

Beipu possess a fascinating culture legacy. Historical buildings like Jinguangfu Mansion, Tiansui Hall, and Citian Temple features the local prosperity in the past. Jingguangfu Mansion was built in 1835, it was the joint business office of two men from different culture, which is very rare at the time. Jing means gold, guang from Guangdong, and fu from Fujian, thus the name Jingguangfu. It holds the history records of the ancestors establishing this place. The architect is Fujian style, but simple. Along with the Tiansui Hall next door, it has been designated a National Class One Historical Monument.
Tiansui Hall is the residence of one the businessman in Jinguangfu. An important man played a significant role in building Beipu. It is a traditional sanhoyuan, three section compound, known to be one of the most beautiful mansions in Taiwan. With swallow ceiling decoration, large stone pavement, and wet screen walls, it is a fusion of traditional Chinese and western architect. The mansion remains private residence not open to the public.
Bipu Citian Temple is the religious and community center of the area, also the most impressive and largest. It’s where the locals call meetings, perform showcases, and even open markets. The temple played a heavy role in the everyday lives of the people in the past even now.

Beipu firefly season
Beipu remains in the primitive state environment. During the summer when the Tung flowers bloom, fireflies would strolled the mountains. It is a spectacular view. For only 15 days around the end of April to the beginning of May, it would be the best time for firefly viewing. Beipu Cold Spring, Shitoushan, Wujishan are all great places for firefly viewing also.
Leon Tsai

scenery features:

Jinguangfu Mansion and Tiansui Hall has been designated a National Class One Historical Monument.

featured specialties:

Hakka style cuisine

opening hours:

Beipu Town Office
Phone: 03-5802204


By Car
Highway no.1
Exit on Toufen Interchange
Take no.124 County Rd. heading Shanhu Lake
Switch onto Provincial Highway no.3
Proceed until Beipu

Highway no.3
Exit on Chuling Interchange
Take no.120 County Rd. heading Chuling Bridge
Switch onto Provincial Highway no.3
Proceed until Beipu

By Bus
Take Hsinchu Bus Chuling-Shanhu Lake Route
Get off at Beipu

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