Located in the northwest of Taipei, with north connecting Sanchih, south to Guandu, opposite to Pali, Tamsui is a vivid township with enriched historical background, beautiful ocean and mountain sceneries. The town was first known as “Huwei” until the occupation of the Japanese, the name Tamsui was originated from Tamsui River. The town has a total area of seventy point sixty-five square meters with a popular of twenty thousand including the migrants.

Back in the Ching Dynasty, Tamsui was an important harbor that led prosperities and establishments of the town. Undergone several transformations, with enriched historical background, there are now twenty-three preserved spots scattering all over Tamsui. These famous sceneries and culture attract approximate seven million visitors every year. The famous, must-see attractions of Tamsui include Little White House, Fort Santo Domingo, Hobe Fort, Martyr’s Shrine, Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf, Tamsui Church, Red Castle and many others.

Other than enjoy visiting the famous scenic spots, visitors may also taste special Taiwan delicacies in Tamsui Township. Delicious snacks include iron-hard preserved egg, fish crisp, Tamsui fish ball soup, shrimp roll, A-gei, and gigantic ice-cream. Moreover, fine coffee shops and seafood restaurants are by the riverbanks to enrich your Tamsui travel. Visitors have a wide range of food selection when travelling to Tamsui.

In addition to local delicacies, historical attractions, and beautiful sunset views, thematic activities are planned for different seasons to integrate local festivals and beauties to enrich tourism in Tamsui. In spring, “Huwei Cherry Blossoms Season and “Huwei Carrot Festival” are organized. While in autumn, visitors are able to encounter an annual festival of “Tamsui Art Alive in the Neighborhood”; experience the aesthetic and cultural performances of the fifties by the riverbanks. Through these interesting festivals, snacks, and attractions, visitors will enjoy an unforgettable travel experience in Tamsui.

Visit http://en.tamsui.gov.tw/ for more information on Tamsui Town.


Take Tamsui MRT Line to Tamsui MRT Station.

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