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Jhongli Xinming Night Market

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As one of the many government established night markets in Taiwan, the Jhongli Xinming Night Market is located on Xinming Rd. between Zhongyang W. Rd. and Minquan Rd. in Jhongli City, Taoyuan County.

Jhongli Xinming Night Market is surrounded by 2 (Pacific Sogo and ChungYang New Store) of the largest department stores in Jhongli city and is only a 10 min walk from the Jhongli Train Station. The convenience in location makes Jhongli Xinming Night Market a lively Jhongli tourism spot. Xinming Night Market, one of the top night markets in Taiwan, lives up to its reputation by providing more than 580 stalls and stores range from imported clothes to stinky tofu.

Not to mention all various Taiwanese snacks from different parts of the country to be found here, some of the most popular foods not to be missed when you come for a Jhongli tour are Ribao Spring Onion Pancakes and Angelic Pig Trotters. And if you are into spicy food, Jian ShiFu’s Spicy Stinky To-fu is another must haves when you visit this most favorite night market in Jhongli. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself queuing behind those stalls as Jhongli night market is the most crowded place in the great Taoyuan area.

The MRT system within the Taoyuan city is still under construction so the best way to get there is either by train or by car.

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night market food:

Master Jian Spicy Stinky Tofu, Wenji Tofu Flower, Richun Papaya Milk, Polish Homemade Pastry, Ahwua BBQ, Er Master Sesame Oil Chicken


By Car:
No. 1 National Highway (國道一號) -> exit from Jhongli (Zhongli) Interchange (中壢交流道) -> Minzu Road (民族路) -> make a left turn to Xinming Road (新明路) -> Jhongli Xinming Night Market (中壢新明夜市)

By Train:
Take train to Jhongli Train Station (中壢火車站) -> Taoyuan Bus (桃園客運) –Chiaxi Line (洽溪線) or Xinwu Line(新屋線) -> Jhongli Xinming Night Market (中壢新明夜市)

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