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(Taichung) Suggested Two Day Museum Tour in Taichung

2011 is a special year to Taiwan as it marks the centennial year of the nation. A series of mega events and celebrations have been scheduled across major Taiwan cities to representing the “bright future” of Taiwan.

Marking 100 years since the Republic of China was founded, the Double Tenth Day, also known as the Taiwan National Day, will be at its most colorful and vibrant this year. There will be a full set of traditional performances, events and ceremonies across the island.

On the day of the 2011 Taiwan National Day (October 10th, 2011), it will first begin with the raising of the flag and national anthem, followed by a military parade to show the martial spirit of the armed forces in full regalia at the front of the Presidential Office Building in Taipei City, Taiwan. There will be a series of performances by local celebrities and groups and a public parade by representatives of different fields after the Presidential Address.

As part of the 2011 Taiwan National Day celebrations, a wonderful musical “Dreamer” has been scheduled to perform at the Taichung City Fulfillment Amphitheater (Taichung Arena) in the evenings of Oct. 10th-11th, 2011 (19:30 on Oct.10th, and 20:00 at Oct. 11th.)

Another highlight of the 2011 Taiwan National Day is that the national day fireworks display will be showcased at Lukang Changbin Industrial Zone. Lukang Town is an old town in Changhua County famed for well-preserved cultural and historical heritages, as well as old-time flavor tastes that attract large number of visitors each day. The national day fireworks display is scheduled at 19:00, which will last about 40 minutes in the evening of the Double Tenth Day.

Lukang is only about a 40-60 minute ride from Taichung City. Other than putting 2011 Taiwan National Day fireworks display on your travel plan, visitors may plan a 3-day-2-night Lukang-Taichung travel for a splendid central Taiwan travel.

Day 1:
Lukang Town -> Longshan Temple -> Lukang Old Street-> check-in at your Lukang hotel -> Tianhou (Mazu) Temple -> Lukang Folk Arts Museum -> Taiwan National Day fireworks display at Lukang Changbin Industrial Zone

Day 2:
Mo-Lu (Narrow) -> Mt. Bagua -> Taichung City -> Taichung hotel -> Feng Chia Night Market

Day 3:
National Museum of Natural Science -> Yizhong Street Business District -> Da Keng Hot Spring

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2013 Lukang Dragon Boat Festival
Place: Lukang Township
Time: 2013/5/11 – 6/12

2013 Chiayi Dragon Boat Championship
Location 1: Budai Town
Date: 2013/06/08 Saturday

Location 2: Donshih Town
Date: 2013/06/12 Wednesday

2013 Kaohsiung Zhongyun Fishing Port Traditional Dragon Boat Race
Date: 2013/06/08-2013/06/10
Location: Zhongyun Fishing Port

2013 Kaohsiung International Dragon Boat Race
Date: 2013/06/09-2013/06/12
Location: Love River (in between Zhongzhen Bridge & Kaohsiung Bridge)

2013 Yilan Dragon Boat Championship
Location 1: Dongshan River Water Park
Date: 2013/06/11-2013/06/12

Location 2 : Yilan River
Date: 2013/06/11-2013/06/12

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