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2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Yunlin

By TravelKing | TravelKing
UpdatedUpdated January, 25, 2017
Taiwan Lantern Festival kicks off February 7 all the way to February 19 at Huwei and Beigang of Yunlin, celebrating the upcoming Year of the Rooster in the Chinese zodiac with the phoenix main lantern.
2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival photo by Eva

2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival photo by Eva

The first Taiwan Lantern Festival held by Yunlin will take place from February 7 to February 19 with two lantern districts in Huwei and Beigang. The lighting ceremony of the main lantern will be in the evening of the Lantern Festival, which is February 11 this year. The main lantern for the festival will be a 23-meter-high main lantern modeled after a phoenix complemented by a diverse display of local lantern art. There will also be limited 80,000 free small rooster lanterns given away starting from February at 3 pm in both lantern districts.

2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival photo by Eva

2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival photo by Eva

This year, Yunlin will celebrate Taiwan Lantern Festival with more eco-friendly, multicultural and local elements. The lantern districts are about 50 hectares in total, which is the largest Taiwan Lantern Festival ever. With Yulin’s specials including glove puppetry, mascot ChiMengZi, Xiluo Bridge, Gukeng coffee and Agricultural Expo, Yulin is ready to present you the most festive Lantern Festival. In addition to the eye-catching lanterns, there are also all kinds of performances presented by domestic and international performing teams including Thailand, Spain and Japan. Local and international friends are all recommend joining the fun and experiencing the charms of Yulin and the nearby cities during the Taiwan Lantern Festival. It is a great time to organize a Yulin vacation with exploring attractions in daytime and visiting the wonderful Lantern Festival in the evening.

Event info:
Huwei Lantern District: 2017/2/11(Sat)-2/19(Sun)
THSR Yunlin Station Area to Agricultural Expo
Beigang Lantern District: 2017/2/7(Tue)-2/19(Sun)
Zhongzheng Rd. to Beigang Tourist Bridge

Public transportation:
1. Take high-speed rail to HSR Yunlin Station.
2. Take train to Douliu or Dounan Railway Station. Transfer to the free shuttle bus to Huwei Lantern District and Beigang Lantern District.

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