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Alishan Forest Recreation Area

/ 陳皮梅


No.59, Zhongzhen Village, Alishan Town, Chiayi County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

● Ticket required
● Features: Breathtaking natural sceneries, enriched aboriginal cultures, and precious ecosystems. Alishan must-sees include Sisters Lakes, Sacred Tree, and Alishan Railway Station.
Alishan Forest Recreation Area is one of the most natural visits in Taiwan. Located between 1400 to 2600 altitude, Alishan covers four different environments that are the tropic, sub-tropic, temperate and frigid zones, making possible a great variety zones of specific flora and fauna. It is an ideal environment to examine botanical ecology or simply enjoy the beauty of nature.
Located in Taiwan Chiayi County, Alishan has always been a significant Taiwan tourist spot for enriched natural sceneries and a friendly weather with an average temperature of 15 degrees Celsius in summer. Alishan Forest Recreation Area is renowned for 5 fabulous elements include sunrise, sea of clouds, forest baths, sunset clouds, and forest railway. With all these wonderful features, Alishan is surely an excellent destination for moon gazing!


Ho Fong Villa Hotel

Ho Fong Villa Hotel

No.51, Zhongzheng Village, A..
TWD2,800 +
Gau Shan Ching Hotel

Gau Shan Ching Hotel

No.43, Zhongzheng Village, A..
TWD2,700 +


Public Transportation
By Train:
1. The Alishan Forest Railway currently only runs between Chiayi and Fenqihu. Visitor traveling to Alishan please get off at Fenqihu station and transfer to Taiwan Trip Alishan Route B1 (Fenqihu Shizha Alishan).
2. Take train to Chiayi Railway Station, transfer to Taiwan Trip Alishan Route B.

From HSR Chiayi Station:
Take high-speed rail to HSR Chiayi Station, take Taiwan Trip Alishan Route A at exit 2 platform 3.

Driving Direction:
No. 1 National Highway (國道一號): exit from Chiayi Interchange (嘉義交流道) -> 159 County Road (159縣道) -> Chiayi City (嘉義市) -> Wufeng South (North) Road (吳鳳南(北)路) or Mituo road (彌陀路) -> 18 Provincial Highway (18號省道) -> Tsukou (觸口) -> Laitou (瀨頭) -> Shizhuo (石卓) -> Alishan Forest Recreation Area(阿里山國家森林遊樂區)

Time/directions may be adjusted slightly without advance notices.


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