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Taichung Park (Chungshan Park)

Taichung Attractions

Taichung Park (Chungshan Park)

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Taichung Park was built in 1903, and the park was announced a historical spot by Taichung City Government in 1999. Taichung Park is one of the eight main scenic spots in Taiwan, and the figure of pavilion in Taichung Park is a landmark of Taichung. The park is located at the heart of Taichung City, and it is not only a landmark of Taichung but also a popular leisure spot for citizens. The onsite Chinese garden views make it a tranquil location in the bustling city.

The artificial lake in the park covers about 13,530 square meters in size. The two adjacent pavilions in the lake are built to commemorate the establishment of Crossway Railway in 1908. You may enjoy kayaking while appreciating beautiful garden views and historical relics of Taiwan Prefecture. Other recreation facilities that you may find in the park are tennis court, outdoor platform and kids’ playground. With natural sceneries, Taichung Park is always attractive to citizens and tourists. Taichung park has been a venue for annual Chinese Lantern Festival Exhibition in the past years.

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By Car :
1. From Taya Highway Interchange(大雅交流道), connect to Taya Rd(大雅路) towards the city direction and then connect to Kungyuan (Park) Rd(公園路) to reach.

By Bus :
1. Take Taichung public bus(台中客運) route 100,102,9,14,105, to Taichung Park exit directly.

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