Taichung Food

Taichung Food

Wani Dried Bean Curd

Dried bean curd, also known as bean skin, or Tofu skin, is a Chinese and food product made from soybeans. It has become the main ingredient in many famous Taiwanese snacks including Tofu Puffs, perserved tofu (stinky tofu/smelly tofu) and Dried bean curd sheets and sticks. The Creation of Wani Dried Bean Curd was an accident. In 1954, Wani Liao started up the Wani corporation dealing with wholesale meat business. He accidentally cooked dried bean curds with source for producing Taiwanese jerky, and found the soaked dried bean curds extraordinarily tasty, juicy, and chewable, which gave birth to the famous Wani Dried Bean Curd in 1972. The Wani Dried Bean Curd is so welcomed and popular that it became the anchor product of Wani Corp till today.

Pineapple Cakes

Pineapple cake is considered to be one of the most representative and well-received local specialties in Taiwan that has without a doubt, taken the world by storm with its terrific balance of sweet-and-sour pineapple filling and flaky outer skin. Dubbed as the capital of traditional pastries, visitors to Taichung would certainly be overwhelmed by the variety of tradtional pastries Taichung has to offer.


A popular Taiwanese dessert originally from the city of Taichung, with fillings of maltose, they are usually sold in special gift boxes as souvenirs for visitors. Some famous suncake pastry shops always have long lines of people waiting to buy boxed suncakes. The shape of suncakes are round and comes in varied sizes. They are characterized by crunchy crusts. Most people eat them with Chinese tea, and some people dissolve them in hot water to make a porridge-like dessert. The name “suncakes” were given by the onwer of “Sun Booth”, one of the most famous pastry shops that sells them, and since it wasn’t trademarked, other pastry shops used the same name for their own suncakes.

Pearl Milk Tea

Taichung is the birth place of “Pearl milk tea” and lots of nobelty drinks. As a city with creativity and culture, the drinking style here is as a character and always causes the current in Taiwan. Chinese tea has various types and categories, suich as green tea, Dong Ding Jin-Xuan tea, Oolong tea, Tieguanyin (Iron Deity of Mercy) and Baozhong tea as tea drinking has become part of leisure living in Taichung. The Pearl milk tea contains small chewy balls made of starch like tapioca, sweet potato called “pearls” and are shanken to mix the ingredients.