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Miao Dong Night Market (Fengyuan Night Market)

Taichung Attractions

Miao Dong Night Market (Fengyuan Night Market)

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Miao dong Night Market is located in Fengyuan, Taichung, also known as Fengyuan Night Market. It’s an old night market located in the commercial district. The commercial district was actually formed around the night market, from all the people going to the night market including the students nearby. The night market covers Zhongcheng Rd., Boai Rd., Xinyi Rd., and Fuxing Rd., which surrounds the Matsu Temple.

Similar to other night markets, Miao Dong Nigth Market is also gathered into a market by the activities of the temple. Years ago, whenever Chizi Temple host a celebration or ceremony, vendors would gather to this place, and later became regulars providing snckas to the locals and the students in schools nearby. The night market is known for the pineapple shaved ice, fried chestnuts, crystal dumplings, and Chinese meat balls.

Taichung offers many night market attractions like Fenchia night Market and Dong Hai Night Market, but Miao dong Night Market offers a little more historical background behind the market. The food here is quite different from night markets in other city as well.
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night market food:

Pineapple shaved ice, Chinese meatball, Crystal dumplings, Fried chestnuts, Pork noodle

opening hours:



By Car
Highway no.1
Exit on Fengyuan interchange
Take Zhongzheng Rd.
Until the intersection of Zhongzheng Rd. and Xinyi Rd.

By Railway
Take Railway and get off at Fengyuan Railway Station
Turn left on Zhongzheng Rd.
5min walk

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