Taichung Attractions
HSR Taichung Station

Taichung Attractions

HSR Taichung Station

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HSR Taichung Station is a modern and convenient spot offering multi-function services, such as shopping, culture, leisure and recreation services. As for shopping, there are a variety of shopping areas around Taiwan High Speed Rail Taichung Station, including main commercial areas, night markets, specialty markets, traditional markets, shopping streets, department stores & malls, hypermarts, foreign Food Stores, antique shops, bookstores, and souvenir Shopping.

If you are interested in the local culture, there are many different places around HSR Taichung Station for you to go, such as Museums, temples, cultural spots, art galleries, performance venues, and historical spots. If you come here for leisure and recreation purpose, you still can find lots of activities and places, including Botanical Gardens, Parks, Da Keng Scenic Area, Wang Gao Liao Lookout Point, Mala Bay/Discovery World, Stadiums, nearby hot springs resorts, Water Sports, go kart tracks, hiking & mountain climbing, rock climbing, tourist farms, biking, fishing, extreme sports, ecotourism, cinemas and so on.

HSR Taichung Station is one of the 12 HSR stations along the western corridor in Taiwan. Service pattern is different in each station, but all trains stop at Taipei, Banciao, and Taichung stations. As for the class of the compartments on the HSR trains, Economy and business class compartments are available on each train. The business class compartments are appointed with a more comfortable setting, including larger seating, personal audio entertainment systems, and power outlets for portable electronics at each seat.

For more sightseeing and information about Taiwan High Speed Rail Taichung Station, please visit our THSR Tourism website to guide your Taiwan tour and online reservation of Taichung Hotels.

Service Hours: 06:00-24:00
Address: No.8, Kaotie Pei Rd., Wurih Township, Taichung County
TEL: +886-4-3601-5000#9

Transfer Information:
  • HSR Taichung Station – China Medical University – Taichung Park
  • HSR Taichung Station – Tunghai University – Central Taiwan Science Park
  • HSR Taichung Station – Overseas Chinese Institute of Technology
To Downtown: Passengers may only board the HSR Shuttle Bus at the HSR Station.
To HSR Taichung Station, passengers may board the bus at any HSR Shuttle Bus stop, but only disembark at HSR Taichung Station.

For more information on Taiwan High Speed Railway transfer information, please visit the official website of Taiwan High Speed Railway.

opening hours:

Service Hours: 06:00-24:00/TEL: +886-4-3601-5000#9

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