Thai Food

Thai food is an international cuisine and enjoyed by millions of people around the world. People may have various kind of dishes especially seafood in Phuket. Seafood served in a unique style, likely to be fried, steamed, and barbecued with some of herbs.

Khanom Cheen Is the most famous dish in Thailand. It’s a plate of rice noodles covered with fruit, herbs, and several vegetables. Khanom Cheen tastes good but a little spicy.

Som Tam
Som Tam is the national dish of Thailand. It’s tasty and made combined with vegetables, dried seafood, and peanuts.

Khao Mok Khai
Khao Mok Khai is a kind of Curry rice with ginger, consisting of roasted chicken on a bed of saffron rice.

Nam Prik Kung Siap
Nam Prik Kung Siap is a must be tried and popular dish. It’s grilled in dried prawn on a stick with chilies, kapi (shrimp paste) and lime.

Khao Yam
Khao Yam is a dish that should have to try to appreciate. It’s made by rice with kapi .

Hokkien Mee
Hokkien Mee is a kind of Chinese dish served with several ways such like fried noodles, dry noodles or as a soup. The ingredient is yellow noodle and shrimps.

Bo Pia Sot
Bo Pia Sot is also called Spring roll, you can found it in Phuket town and several Chinese restaurant.