Night Markets

Huaxi St. Night Market

/ 陳皮梅

Just like other night markets in Taipei, Huaxi St. Night Market provides local snacks and small seafood restaurants that serve delicious Taiwanese dishes. The biggest difference between Huaxi St. Night Market and other night markets is that there are a lot of stores selling snakes. Based on local beliefs, snake is a healthy source of food and is very nourishing for the human body. Snakes can be served in soup, wine, cooked dishes, and can also be made into medicine as well. At Huaxi St. Night Market, visitors are able to see live snakes from time to time. Some of the snake store owners at Huaxi St. Night Market even perform snake shows to attract visitors. Besides the snake fever, there are also stores that provide massage services at Huaxi St. Night Market. So why not enjoy a nice massage after having a taste of snake cuisine and the long day of shopping!

Huaxi St. Night Market and the nearby street markets recently organized into the large Monga Night Market, inlcuding the GuanZho St., WuZho St., SiChun St., Longshan Temple and Huaxi St. Night Market. The new Monga Night Market covers the old Wanghua Night Market, Huaxi St. Night Market and the local street small markets, becoming more and more popular, especially for foriegn travelers to experience the unique style of Huaxi St. Night Market then the actual local night market.

night market food:

Lianxihow Cuttlefish Thick Soup, Ayi BRised Pork Rice, Dingji Tempura, Huainian Aiyu Jelly Ice, Longdu Shaved-ice, Institute of Asian snakes

opening hours:

16:00 – 24:00

service facilities:

Note: protected snake breeds are not sold at this market.


By Bus:
1.Take bus route 1,201,231,233,234,245,245,264,265,310, 38,628,651,703, 705, 907 to Longshan Temple MRT Station Stop(捷運龍山寺站)

2.Take bus route 11,201,205,229,231, 233,234,242,264, 49,527,601,62,624,628,701,702,703, 705 to Longshan Temple Stop(龍山寺站)

Take MRT to Longshan Temple MRT Station(捷運龍山寺站) directly.

By Car:
1. National Highway No.1(國道一號) exit Huanhe North Rd offramp(環河北路交流道), drive along Huanhe Expressway(環河快速道路) towards Huanhe South Rd(環河南路), turn left on Gueilin Rd(桂林路) to reach the market.

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