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Bluefin Tuna

With a location adjacent to Donggang, the biggest fishing port in south Taiwan where it is exceptionally rich in Bluefin Tuna, a number of seafood restaurants can be found in Kenting area for high-standard, fresh Bluefin Tuna delicacies. Bluefin Tuna can be served into all kinds of mouth-watering dishes including sashimi, steamed tuna, fish soup and many more. Among these seafood delicacies, sashimi is the most popular for its freshness, high-quality and friendly price. Since 2001, the Bluefin Tuna Cultural Festival in Donggang of Pingtung County, Taiwan, has allured large-scale of visitors and gluttons for the most fresh, authentic Bluefin Tuna dishes.


Kenting is located in Hengchun Peninsula, the main onion-growing region in Taiwan. The harvest season of onions is from March to April, in which visitors may find large number of stalls selling bags of onions on the way to Kenting. As the major onion-providing region of Taiwan, an Onion Museum has been established in Checheng Town showcasing the ways of growing onions as well as products made of onion are available for one to taste. If you are an onion lover, surely you are recommended to buy a bag of fresh onions for your Kenting trip. Look out for onion ice-cream that are hardly found elsewhere..

Black Pearl Wax AppleCherry Shrimps (Sakura Ebi/Shrimp)

Cherry Blossom Shrimp, also known as Sakura Ebi/Shrimp are a precious shrimp that lives in deep sea and can only be found in 2 places in the world; Shizuoka in Japan and Donggang in Taiwan. The name, “Sakura” meaning cherry blossom is derived from its tiny size of 5cm max., and the transparent with a light pink color body. Today, travelers may savour a variety of dishes made of Sakura Shrimp include rice roll, fried rice, snacks, fried Sakura Shrimp and many others while visiting Kenting and Donggang area.

Black Pearl Wax Apple & Black Jing Gang Wax Apple

Pingtung County is famous for wax apples, including Black Pearl Wax Apple and Black Jing Gang that offer a sweet, juicy, crunchy and exquisite taste. The mild climate, southern location and the techniques of innovative Pingtung farmers make wax apple here unparalleled in quality, thus making the Black Pearl Wax Apple the world’s top wax apple. The wax apple harvest season set from December to March, and the Wax Apple Festival is usually held in December. The Wax Apple Festival is consisted of evaluation of wax apples, wax apple shows, DIY wax apples, exhibits, as well as games for one to enjoy. The annual production of wax apple here in Pingtung is about 47, 000 tons. Look out for these pink-color fruit, it is a nice souvenir for your friends and families in Taiwan.

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Kenting Dajanshan Hotel

Kenting Dajanshan Hotel
Kenting Dajanshan Hotel is a budget Kenting hotel close to many Kenting attractions includ…
TWD 680+

Howard Beach Resort - Kenting

Howard Beach Resort - Kenting
Howard Beach Resort Kenting is a luxury leisure resort in Kenting with nearby Kenting attr…
TWD 5,484+

Hengchun Farmer's Holiday Hotel

Hengchun Farmer's Holiday Hotel
Hengchun Farmer's Holiday Hotel is a contemporary hotel perfectly designed for business tr…
TWD 2,200+

Swan Lake Villa Resort

Swan Lake Villa Resort
Swan Lake Villa Resort is a Kenting hotel in Kenting National Park close to Kenting Street…
TWD 2,800+