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Kenting Attractions

Pingtung County ─ Kenting National Park
Kenting National Park-
Kenting National Park is one of the eight national parks in Taiwan, the other seven are Dongsha, Kenting, Kinmen, Shei-pa, Taijiang, Taroko, Yangmingshan, and Yushann. Located in Hengchun Town, Pingtung County, Kenting National Park is Taiwan's first and southernmost national park that was established in 1984. The park is famous for its unique sceneries, and tropical climate with sunshine throughout the year. The landscape of Kenting Park is divided into two long and narrow parts, with mountains in the north and south with coral tablelands.

Kenting National Park covers both land and ocean areas with a spacious total area around 33268 hectares. The land area ranges from Mt. Turtle (Gueishan) to the waterfront area, Eluanbi, Kenting National Park, Nanwan (South Bay), and many others. The ocean area covers the waterfronts of Nanwan (South Bay), Eluanbi, Gueishan (Mt. Turtle), and Nanren Bay a kilometer away from the coastline.

There are spectacular geographical sceneries, precious ecosystems, and rare ecologies in Kenting National park. The Park features five areas of ecological protection area, special sceneries area, historical sites area, recreational area, and control area. The main park lies behind Eluanbi Lighthouse along the coast, total area of 59 hectares, and an ecology reserve area with spectacular ecological attractions such as sand seashores, fringing reef shores, rock seashores, limestone tableland cliffs, isolated mountains, slumping cliffs, river mouths, rivers and lakes.

Along the beaches and bays of the Kenting National Park, adventurous and interesting water activities are available such as scuba diving, banana boat, water scooter, submarine, and coastal diving. Another big event happens here in Kenting every year in April since 1995 is called ““Spring scream”. The festival showcases a variety of music from Taiwan and oversea bands. Every year during spring time, large numbers of music lovers gather in Kenting for vivid and relaxing concerts.

You may now find more information of Kenting at TravelKing Kenting Tourism or the Official Site of Kenting National Park-

No.596, Kenting Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

opening hours:


service facilities:

Guided tours available for more groups of more than 20 people (Please contact Kenting National Park at +886-8-8861321 ext. 250 for more information.)

expenditure brief:

TWD 150/adult
TWD 75/child
The above fees are for reference purposes only; actual costs are informed at the actual venue and we do NOT give any prior notice.

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Drive on your own:
1. No. 1 Taiwan National Highway (國道一號): Exit from Kaohsiung Xiaogang Interchange (小港交流道) -> No. 17 Provincial Highway (pass through Linyuan (林園), Dongang (東港), and Linbian (林邊) to Xuidiliao (水底寮) -> No 1 Provincial Highway (台1線) -> Fengang (楓港)-> No. 26 Provincial Highway (台26線) pass through Checheng (車城) & Hengchun (恆春) -> Kenting National Park

2. No. 1 Taiwan National Highway: Exit from Jiuru Interchange (九如交流道) -> No. 3 Provincial Highway (台3線) -> No. 1 Provincial Highway (台1線) -> No. 26 Provincial Highway -> Kenting National Park

3. Jiuru Interchange (九如交流道) -> No. 3 Provincial Highway (台3線) -> No. 27P rovincial Highway (台27線) -> No. 17Provincial Highway (台17線) ->No. 26 Provincial Highway -> Kenting National Park

4. Jiuru Interchange (九如交流道) -> No. 3 Provincial Highway (台3線) Zhongxiao Road (忠孝路) -> No. 22 Provincial Highway (台22線) -> Turn left at Kaoping Bridge (高屏大橋) ->No. 1 Provincial Highway (Minsheng Road) -> No. 26 Provincial Highway -> Kenting

From Kaohsiung to Kenting:
By High Speed Rail:
Take Taiwan high speed rail to HSR Zuoying Station, from there take Chung Nan Bus (Zuoying-Eluanbi Route) or King Bus(Kuokuang Bus) Kenting Route to Kenting National Park.

By Plane:
Take plane to Kaohsiung International Airport, and then take bus bound for Kenting.

By Train:
Take train to Kaohsiung or Fangliao Train Station, and then take bus bound for Kenting.

Kenting buses are available at
HSR Zuoying Station – ground floor
Kaohsiung Railway Station – on the other side of the street across the station

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