Kaohsiung Attractions
Kaohsiung Harbor (Port of Kaohsiung)

Kaohsiung Attractions

Kaohsiung Harbor (Port of Kaohsiung)

/ 陳美吟

Port of Kaohsiung is the most important business harbor of southern Taiwan, and the biggest port of Taiwan, plays a key role of Kaohsiung tourism. Port of Kaohsiung opens to the public, the construction of the Port and the beautiful sea view are the most wonderful part for visitors. The location of the Port was a small fishing village in post Ming Dynasty, as the vintage of geography, the Port was built for 5 cargo centers and 8 ports for large ships. Nearby the Port are lots of popular attractions like Cijin Scenic Area, Longevity Mountain Scenic Area, Love River and Sizih Bay Scenic Area.

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Drive on your own:
No. 3 National Highway (國道三號) -> Tianliao Toll Station (田寮收費站) -> No. 10 National Highway (國道10號) bound for Kaohsiung (高雄) -> exit from Minzu Road (民族路) -> Tianhsiang Road (天祥路) -> Mingcheng Road (明誠路) -> Dashun Road (大順路) -> Jiangon Road (建工路) -> Jiuru Road (九如路) -> Bade Road (八德路) -> Chisiang Road (七賢路) -> Chisiang 3rd Road (七賢三路) -> Kaohsiung Harbor (高雄港)

No. 1 National Highway (國道一號) -> exit from endpoint of Kaohsiung Interchange (高雄交流道末端) -> Harbor Road/Yugang Road (漁港路) -> Kaohsiung Harbor (高雄港)

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