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Kaohsiung Glory Pier

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Kaohsiung Glory Pier

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Locating towards the river mouth of Kaohsiung’s Love River, the Glory Pier is originally known as Pier 13. The pier once played a very important role in homeland security as it was served as a transport gateway between Kaohsiung and areas of Kinmen and Matsu. In 2005, the Kaohsiung City Government renamed Pier 13 to Glory Pier as to memorize and celebrate its glorious history.

With an iron bridge reaching the opposite side of Love River bank, visitors can walk across the bridge and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Love River and the bay. It is ideal to visit the site during sunset or sunrise period as the sun’s reflection created by the river is something spectacular for visitors to experience. During the day, usually there will be a Fountain plaza for locals and visitors to enjoy. The Glory Pier also hosts numerous cultural and art exhibitions, and sometimes live performances during holidays and weekends. For example, the annual Kaohsiung Maritime Expo and the New Year Party of Kaohsiung are held here at the Glory Pier every year. It is a great spot for locals and visitors for recreation during their free time.

Kaohsiung’s Glory Pier isn’t just beautiful; it’s one of the most beautiful places Kaohsiung has to offer. There are numerous tour sights and activities to do around the beautiful Glory Pier, visitors can take a boat ride along the Love River, have a relaxing meal or coffee at one of the many romantic riverside cafes or simply visit other famous Kaohsiung attractions such as Liouhe Night Market, the Dream mall or Cijin Scenic area. So don’t miss out on this beautiful Kaohsiung Glory Pier when you come for your Kaohsiung travel.
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By Bus:
Take Kaohsiung City bus (高雄市公車) no. 14, 33, 50, 76, 77, 214 to the nearest stop at Kaohsiung Municipal Girls’ Senior High School (高雄女子高級中學).

Take Kaohsiung KRT – Red Line (高雄捷運紅線) to KRT Central Park Station (捷運中央公園站). From there, transfer bus no. R25 (紅25) to Kaohsiung Glory Pier (高雄真愛碼頭)

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