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Lintian Mountain Forestry Center

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Lintian Mountain Forestry Center

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Lintian Mountain Forestry Center was once nicknamed as 'Little Shanghai.' It was a largest forestry center in Taiwan. In 1991, natural logging was prohibited by the government, which left all the logging artifacts behind. Apart from its original lumbering area, the remains of the timberland and railways mark the tracks of its former presence. The Lintian Mountain Forestry Center covers an area of 13.9 hectares.Its timberland business started way back in the Japanese Colonial Period, where the Japanese discovered a geothermal spot within the Wangli Stream and transformed it became a tourist spot. At the 28th year of Taiwanese Retrocession, paper-making was undergoing trials and the timber industry began. The business was once prosperous at the Molisaka town, which now left behind some Japanese-style buildings and lumbering artifacts. It is now a part of the historic sites of Eastern Taiwan's Forestry Industry.

Cultural Department of Hualien government recorded down the history of Mt. Lintien from composer Renchong Cheng in order to educate the next generations for the eastern Taiwan's forestry industry history. The document includes the old photographs and an audio document of Mt Lintien. In addition to a variety of daily living tools, traditional firefighting tools, and lumbering machines, and various documents have been preserved as old photographs and documents. If you visit the Lintian Mountain Forestry Center, you will be able to see all the displays of Lintian Mountain’s history.

opening hours:

Open Hours:
Closed on Monday and Chinese New Year Eve.
Tel: +886 3 8752100


Public Transportation
1) From Hualien Train Station take the Hualien Coach towards Guangfu, Rueisuei, Yuli etc. and get off at Wangrong, walk for around 2.5km and you shall arrive at Mt Lintien Studio.
2) From Taidong City, take the Dingdong Coach (inland line) towards Hualien, and alight at Wangrong, then proceed further as above.
3) Take the Huadong Railway and alight at Wangrong Station, then proceed as above.

By Car
From Hualien City toward south from the Proviincial Highway 9, or from Taitung City toward north. Turn into Provincial Highway 16 at Wangrong. From Hualien City it takes around 42 km, and from Taitung it takes around 139.5km.

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