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Shitiping (Stone Stairs Platform) is 2 km north of Kangkou (Harbour) Village, and is one of the popular scenic spots along the Huatung coastal route. As the boulders on land protrude towards the sea, it creates several mini bays of different sizes, like the stairs but with irregular lengths. That is how its name originates. Some of the coral formations protrude above the sea level and attach themselves to the coastal rocks while low-lying vegetation such as cactus, saddle vines etc. scattered on the vast rocky surface. The end of the platform is the river mouth of Siukuwan River, and the left flank forms a mini bay called Stone Stairs Bay. It is now the site of a fishing pier as the surrounding sea has abundant schools of fish and even lobsters.

North of Shitiping, on the beach front, there is a huge hole within the rock wall. It is caused by centuries of waves pounding. This hole now provides shady resting places for the researchers and picnickers alike. On the right side of the road, there is a monumental stone stele dedicated to the many workers who perished during the construction of this rugged road.

There is a visitor center at Shihtiping, meant especially for the tourists. It contains illustrations and explanations of the local topography, sea life, and vegetation, making your visit more educational as well as interesting.

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By Bus:
Take the train and get off at Hualien Railway Station, and then transfer Hualien Bus bound for Zhinpu and get off at Shihtiping stop.

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