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Nantou County ─ Lushan Hot Spring
Lushan Hot Spring-
The Lushan Hot Springs is located in Nantou County’s Renai Township, one of the largest hot springs in Taiwan that provides alkaline carbonic acid base springs. It is also the highest hot springs in Taiwan with an altitude of 400 kilometers. The bi-carbonate springs in Lushan are clear and high in temperature, measuring 75-90 degrees celsius of water can easily boil an egg or noodles. With the pH content ranges from eight to ten, drinking the spring water is said to regulate one’s acidity and cure chronic gastritis. The Lushan hot springs was also named the “Cherry Hot Springs” by the Japanese people back in the Japanese ruling period as Cherry trees surrounded by the hot springs offers cherry blossom views while they were bathing.

The Lushan Hot Springs area is divided into 2, the new and the old separated by a small suspension bridge with Mahaipu River and Taluowan River being the main sources of those 2 hot springs area. Every year, more and more hot springs enthusiasts are attracted to Lushan Hot Springs area to enjoy the picturesque cherry blossoms that bloom between spring and winter. Lushan Hot Springs, is now known as the world’s top hot spring, provides a lot of hotel and facilities that makes the hot spring experience more convenient and enjoyable, attracting large crowds not just during weekends or public holidays, so make sure you book early for your very own “Worlds first Hot Springs” tour at Lushan Hot Springs area.

Ren ai Township, Nantou County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Quality of springs:

Alkaline carbonic acid base, salty with light sulfuric smell. pH8~10, 75~90Degrees celsius, Drinkable

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By Car :
1.National number 1 highway(國道一號), exit Zhongching offramp(中清交流道), connect to Tai 74 route(台74線) towards Tai 14 route(台14線) to Wushe(霧社) to reach.

2. National number 3 highway(國道三號), exit Caotun offramp(草屯交流道), connect to Tai 14 route(台14線) to Wushe(霧社) to reach.

By Bus :
1. Take Guoguan bus(國光客運) to Nantou(南投), exit Lushan stop(廬山站) to reach.